Are Ashley & Bar Still Together on ‘TMYP’?

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Ashley Jones and Bariki “Bar” Smith have had their fair share of drama on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. The couple have been on/off for the past four years, which has led many to question whether they are still together. Are Ashley and Bar still a couple? Or did the couple finally decide to call it quits?

It appears as though Ashley and Bar are split up for good. The couple have had plenty of disagreements during their stint on the Teen Mom spinoff, but May 2019 was the first time they took their squabble to social media. The couple attacked one another in a series of scathing tweets, and they have not yet reconciled.

Ashley & Bar Announced That They Split In December 2018

This b*tch a** ni**a wanna talk sh*t about me all over the internet but couldn’t even keep our daughter while I dealt with the death of my grandma and now instead of coming to get her he’s going to get a tattoo,” Ashley wrote. “But I’m always the bad guy…  And this b*tch a** ni**a wanna talk about me not being loyal and a hoe. B*tch bye. I stayed with you through everything and all I asked was that you get a f**king job and education. I was too loyal cause you been not helping me handle business.”

Ashley proceed to call out Bar for not supporting her and their daughter financially. “You sat on your a** while I busted mine. Playing Fortnite on the game system I bought you for Father’s Day. Using the WiFi I paid for,” she revealed. “You never even had the decency to tell me when you didn’t have your half of the rent.”

Ashley & Bar Have Remained on Good Terms So They Can Raise Their Daughter Together

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I love you holly baby ? #BadBreed #YouHearMe

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“We lived in that apartment for almost a year and you paid rent 4-12 of those f**king months,” Ashley continued. “Not to mention when we broke up you moved out didn’t help with the baby and didn’t help with no one bill after you busted the windows out of my car. And then you tell me you regret having a kid by me. I give my life to our child. I give my heart to our child. I spend all the time I can when I’m not working or at school. All you do is keep her for me, no work, no school. So I buy diapers and put gas in your car.” The tweets have since been deleted.

Bar later spoke about getting a job and a new place to live, and revealed that he actually broke things off with Ashley in December 2018. Despite the fact that they are no longer a couple, Ashley and Bar have made a point of staying on good terms for their daughter. “Bar will always be the father of my child and I think we’re working our best to just be the best parents we can be,” Ashley told In Touch.