Butterfly on ‘The Masked Singer’: Clues & Guesses So Far 12/4/2019

The Masked Singer Butterly

FOX THE MASKED SINGER: The Butterfly in the “Clash of the Masks” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Dec. 4 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2019 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

The Masked Singer season 2 is almost coming to an end, and the Butterfly is one of the 7 contestants remaining in the competition. With every performance, the Butterfly in her elaborately beaded costume has floored the judges, in-studio audience, and viewers at home.

As one of the best performers of the season, there is a good chance the Butterfly will make it all the way to the finale. If so, that we will have to keep guessing her identity based on the clues we’ve been given until it’s confirmed on the show.

Here’s what we know about the Butterfly so far:

‘The Masked Singer’ Butterfly Clues

In the Butterfly’s first clue video, she said that for the past year “I’ve been waiting in my cocoon.” She also teased “I release my past and anyone who has clipped my wings.” A photoshoot, the city of London, and a church and cross were all visual clues in that premiere video package.

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Episode 4 brought with it another Butterfly performance and a new set of clues and hints. At the start of the package, she said “After some time in isolation, I was terrified to step out on that stage. But my coming out as the butterfly showed me I can be whoever I want to be.” Another image of London appeared and the Butterfly teased “At the height of my career, I had everyone saying my name.”

She also opened up about how public criticism “led to break-ups, breakdowns, and hibernations.” The word “ALONE” was superimposed all over the screen as a visual clue. Later, a new visual clue showed two people holding hands with the words “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” written on them.

When asked why she chose the Butterfly as her character, the masked singer said “I’ve got a lot of soul in these wings.”

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The Butterfly’s episode 6 clue package implied that she joined a choir when she was 7 years old, and that is where she found her love of singing. One visual clue offered in the package, which threw off guessers, was a certificate for “Car Salesman of the Year.” Another visual clue was a framed newspaper article with the headline “Brit Award Winner Fires It Up.”

At the end of that package, she said “As the Butterfly, I am taking charge and reclaiming what I thought I’d lost. Because this is what I was meant to do.”

Butterfly Guesses for ‘The Masked Singer’

The top guess for the Butterfly’s celebrity identity is Michelle Williams. Williams, who rose to fame as one of the members of Destiny’s Child, certainly has the impressive vocal talent to match the Butterfly’s show-stopping voice. GoodHousekeeping.com says they are 99.99% positive that the Butterfly is Michelle Williams. The clue about “everyone saying my name” could allude to the Destiny’s Child song “Say My Name.”

Fantasia is another good guess about the Butterfly’s true identity, although we still believe she is most likely Michelle Williams.

In the episode 6 clue package, reference was made to “Bleeding Love.” Could the Butterfly be British singer, actress, model, and activist Leona Lewis? It’s certainly possible, considering the clues.

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