Did Pepa’s Daughter Egypt Criss Get Married?

Egypt Criss ran into some romance trouble during the last season of Growing Up Hip Hop. The reality star became engaged to her longtime boyfriend Sam, but her mother Pepa said that she didn’t approve of their relationship. Is Egypt Criss married? Did she tie the knot prior to the season five premiere?

Egypt Criss is not married. She remains engaged to Sam, who raps professionally under the name Sammattick, but they do have plans to get married in the near future. During a recent interview with Jasmine Brand, Egypt said that she couldn’t wait to settle down. “I’ve been on cloud nine,” she gushed. “This is the best feeling I’ve ever had. I’ve been so happy… booed up… everything.”

Egypt Criss & Sammattick Have Not Yet Gotten Married

Sam proposed to Egypt during a live performance at the Whiskey a Go Go on June 8, 2019, and TMZ reports that the Growing Up Hip Hop crew was on hand to film it. Fans will get to see the proposal in full detail during the fifth season. Egypt and Sam have already tried to get married to one another. They almost had themselves a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas in 2018, but Egypt’s inner circle rushed to halt the union at the last minute.

Egypt’s mother Pepa was especially critical, as she told Egypt that she didn’t approve of Sam, and felt that he had negative qualities that her daughter was turning a blind eye towards. Pepa and her niece, Tee Tee, told Egypt they had specific “reservations” about Sam, with the chief one being that he’s “too controlling.” Egypt told them she’s tired of being treated like a child, but that didn’t stop the Las Vegas ceremony from being shut down.

The Couple Nearly Got Married In 2018 But Egypt’s Mother Pepa Shut It Down

Despite the drama, Egypt and Sam appear to be moving forward with their engagement. The couple recently appeared on, where they discussed their upcoming wedding and the fact that Sam came to an understanding with both Pepa and Egypt’s father, Treach. “I talked to Pep and Treach. Both of them co-signed,” he revealed. “Of course. I gotta pay respect. It’s the king and queen of Hip Hop. I gotta make sure I ask for the princess. I got both’s blessing.”

Sam told fans that they will get all of the details throughout season five of Growing Up Hip. “Yeah stay tuned. You’re gonna see a lot,” he teased. “You’re gonna see a lot.” He also touched on the possibility of going on tour with Egypt in the near future. “We’re about to be going on tour as well. And on top of that, here’s a little sneak peek people don’t know,” he said. “I just had a meeting with Atlantic Records yesterday and Dreamville. Y’all gonna see what’s gonna happen soon. It’s going down.”

During the season five promo (see above), Sam can be seen shopping for an engagement ring. It’s implied that something goes wrong, however, and a member of Egypt’s inner circle can be heard saying “We have to stop this marriage.” Tune in to the season premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop to find out what happens!

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