‘The Expanse’ Season 4 Intro Lyrics: What the Opening Credits Song Means

The Expanse Season 4

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The intro opening credits song for The Expanse is the same for Season 4 as it has been for previous seasons. But since the lyrics aren’t in English, they can be tough to understand. Here’s a look at what those words mean.

The Lyrics Might Be Considered a ‘Future’ Norwegian

Lisbeth Scott shared a post on Facebook talking about the meaning of the lyrics in the intro.

She wrote:

There has been a lot of interest in the lyrics I wrote to the main title of the show Expanse so here is some info! I wanted to reference the beautiful Norwegian language..note the word reference! so below are the words I used and a very rough translation of their meaning! Clinton Shorter wrote a gorgeous and inspiring piece!

Very often I am inspired while in the car or on a walk and scribble words on kleenex or my hand….not good for cataloging!

All of you from Norway, feel free to laugh and cry at my lack of proper syntax and grammar, not to mention pronunciation !would love your comments, but no hate please! go elsewhere for that.

I de sa morgenen jeg (in the so tender morning I)

stige asoke (rise in search)

ja lyn tid jeg vet ha delt (yes it’s lightning time I know I share)

skulder dett be na more (shouldering this I ask now for darkness)

Another translation for the second-to-last sentence from above reads: “Yes the hour of light I know to share.”

One person wrote on Facebook in response: “Absolutely no hate from this Norwegian! I’m obsessed with this theme tune :) But I’m curious as to how you came up with the lyrics though? I tried putting the English translation back into Norwegian via google translate, but that gave me a completely different result? The lyrics are beautiful regardless of the grammar, and I love that a bit of Norwegian inspiration found its way into such a wonderful, major scifi-show.”

Scott responded: “I found words that I liked singing, and that related somehow to my initial concept and that sounded a certain way together and then I created my own version of a few sentences by doing that. I do not claim that it is an authentic version of the language….some folks have poured a bit of hate on me for that to which I say….we all create in different ways…there are a thousand ways to way peace and light….so open open open…!!! thanks for your note!”

And the reader responded: “Cool! Of course, that shouldn’t be a problem, inspiration can come from anywhere and it doesn’t have to be grammatically correct to be beautiful :) It’s also quite fitting that it’s your own version of the language, as so much of the show is centered around the idea of the belter creol language evolving! Maybe there should be a bit of Norwegian in that as well, haha… ;) Thank you for taking the time to answer me, and for giving us such a beautiful piece of music! It really moved me the first time I heard it, and it’s definitely the perfect soundtrack for the show.”

Some say that it’s good to consider the lyrics as “Belter Norwegian” rather than true Norwegian.

Another person wrote: “I am an Norwegian and I think you did this in a clever way. Who know how our language will be in the future. And the result is beautiful. Just love the intro of the show. Tusen takk til deg fra meg:)”

Scott said she wrote and performed the lyrics for the intro theme, but there are no longer versions of the song available yet.

Here’s a previous season’s intro. Season 4 is slightly different in graphics.

The Expanse – Title SequenceThe title sequence for the TV show The Expanse.2017-04-15T13:38:23.000Z

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