There Is No Fuller House Season 6. The Show Was Canceled

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The series Fuller House ended after five seasons on Netflix. This popular continuation of the ABC series Full House saw a new incarnation of the Tanner family go about their lives in San Francisco. With what seemed to be good viewership, fans were shocked to hear season five would be its last. The announcement gave the cast and crew time to come up with a fitting send off for this chapter in their lives.

Viewership Appeared to Be Down

Netflix, like any other network , looks carefully at its viewership data. Though the company prefers to keep these number private, others have tried to calculate the numbers. Jumpshot is is one of the select few that have attempted to understand and gather these details. In a Business Insider article, Jumpshot looked at the viewership numbers for Fuller House and found a drop in ratings. ‘Viewership fell by 52% from season one to season two in their first month of release,” the company told BI. ‘The drop was much smaller between seasons three and four, when viewership fell by just 10%,’ Jumpshot added. Another service that calculates data, Symphony, saw problems dating back to its second season. ‘The season-two premiere drew a 3.32 rating, down 67% from the season-two premiere’s 10.16 rating,” according to a report in Variety.

The show’s premiere appeared to be a hit for the streaming service. This nostalgic draw wore off as its first season progressed and previous fans learned that the series would turns its focus from Bob Sagat and John Stamos’ characters. New additions and younger skewing storylines also look to have turned off those viewers from the TGIF days. Still, its lower numbers might have topped newer series or movies to debut on similar platforms.

The Cast Offered Their Own Responses to the News

Many of the show’s cast took to their Instagram and Twitter accounts after the final season announcement. Jodie Sweetin, like others who commented on the last season, promised something that fans would love. “Our farewell season of @fullerhouse is a go and it’s all because of you guys. Thank you so so much! Without such amazingly loyal fans, we wouldn’t have been able to do this! And I promise, we saved the best for last,” the actress wrote. Saving the best for last was a sentiment that every cast member shared on their selected social media. ENews also heard from sources that everyone involved was just happy to be back. “Everyone is thrilled to come back for the fifth season because they were so close to being canceled altogether,” they told the outlet.

John Stamos Used the Cancellation to Stage an April Fools Day Prank

As cast members had their own reactions to the decision, John Stamos used it to stage a prank. In honor of April Fools Day, Stamos took to his Twitter with what appeared to be an anger filled rant. The video showed the Fuller House actor verbally tearing into a receptionist at the streaming company. He accompanied the clip with the message, ‘@netflix I call it SHIT FLIX (cancelling @FullerHouse so prematurely !!!” While some took it as literal, Stamos was quick to smooth over any doubts about a good relationship with the company.


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