Gus Smyrnios & Nilsa Prowant: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gus Smyrnios Nilsa Prowant


Gus Smyrnios and Nilsa Prowant have been an on-again, off-again couple on MTV’s Floribama Shore since the beginning. Things got complicated in season three because Gus came into the house with a girlfriend, a University of Florida student named Lisa Burns.

But those two have since broken up and now he and Nilsa may be reconnecting. Here’s everything you need to know about Gus and Nilsa’s relationship.

1. Nilsa Is Still Interested

After Gus and Lisa broke up two episodes ago, Nilsa tried to rekindle things with Gus, something she may have had on her mind since before season three even started filming.

She told Hollywood Life in a pre-season interview that she tried to reach out to Gus multiple times before filming began, but Lisa wouldn’t let him talk to her.

“He actually never responded to me because his girlfriend at the time blocked me on his social media, would not let him text me back, would not let him return my phone calls, or anything. We didn’t get a chance to discuss that. So, coming into the house, I felt like I was going to have to walk on eggshells because his girlfriend didn’t like me. It’s going to be awkward because… I’m not going anywhere!”

2. Nilsa Makes Gus Jealous

‘Floribama Shore’ Star Gus Smyrnios Reveals He Asked Out A Girl Via DM!2019-12-10T16:33:47.000Z

On Thursday’s (Dec. 11) episode, Gus and Nilsa’s status is “unclear,” according to the episode description. But Nilsa brings some guy home from the bar and Gus gets jealous.

Nilsa told OK Magazine in a recent interview that she got a random DM on Twitter advising her not to sleep with Gus again, to which she says, “Everybody thinks that when me and Gus get together we can’t just like be normal!” But Gus pulls a face when she says that.

Nilsa also comments that Gus finds all his girlfriends on Twitter DMs and he confirms that that’s how he asked Lisa out. He slid into her DMs “a long time ago” and then he asked her out on a date.

“I think there’s definitely hope for [asking people out on social media],” says Gus, adding, “I do that sh*t all the time.”

3. It Spills Over onto Jeremiah

Jeremiah, trying to be a good friend, attempts to intervene with the Gus-Nilsa situation and finds himself embroiled in the drama, which leads to an “epic bromance breakdown” between Gus and Jeremiah next week in “Bro-ke Up,” which airs Dec. 20. Not only does Jeremiah catch flack for inserting himself into Gus and Nilsa’s business, but then Gus tries to go after Jeremiah’s girl.

And the bro breakup might be permanent. During filming, Gus unfollowed Jeremiah on Instagram and Jeremiah deleted a pic of himself with Gus, according to some eagle-eyed fans on Reddit.

MTV is saying this is “the biggest fight in Shore history” and the preview video shows Jeremiah screaming, “Bring it, Gus! Come at me!” while pounding his chest.

4. Gus Does Not Want to Have Another Girlfriend in the House

‘Floribama Shore’ Star Gus Smyrnios Reveals He Asked Out A Girl Via DM!2019-12-10T16:33:47.000Z

Gus tells OK! Magazine in a separate interview that coming into the house with a girlfriend was a terrible idea.

“Everybody was coming for me the second my foot stepped foot in that door, oh my goodness,” say Gus. “It comes with the territory, I definitely made a lot of mistakes too, but the thing is, if you make one small mistake, everybody’s going to have something to say about it … I might have made a mistake being overly flirtatious here, overly flirtatious there and then that just gets built and built and built and then at that point, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

He adds that he was never unfaithful to Lisa, but he is a flirty guy, so he gets in trouble from that a lot.

Of course, we know that Gus has a new girlfriend now, so will Athena Megaloudis be a part of Floribama Shore season four? That could be fun.

5. Nilsa Thinks They Can Always Be Friends

'Floribama Shore' Stars Gus & Nilsa Set The Record Straight On Their Relationship!Find out why Gus said it was "absolutely terrible" to have a girlfriend in the house and why he MAY have made some mistakes. Watch!2019-11-20T15:30:03.000Z

Nilsa reiterates to OK! that Lisa wouldn’t let Gus talk to Nilsa before filming started, but then it made it super awkward in the house.

“It’s like, now I feel like I’m exiled and at the end of the day, me and Gus are still friends. Yeah, we have history, but we can separate the two, between roommates and hooking up. So it’s like, am I just gonna be chopped liver?” says Nilsa, adding that it was definitely “weird” that Gus had a girlfriend.

“It was weird, obviously, because we have history, but then again, it’s like are we not even allowed to be friends? Because that’s how it felt.”

So are the two of them going to be hooking up on season three? Nilsa isn’t saying, but she does acknowledge that old habits die hard.

“I think that you guys get to see Gilsa in a new light [this season]. There is a relationship there, but it’s nothing like y’all have ever seen before,” says Nilsa.

“I would definitely say we got a lot closer after this summer, for sure,” adds Gus.

Floribama Shore airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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