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henry dean

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Henry Dean is a member of Juice WRLD’s entourage who was on the private plane with the talented rapper when Juice died suddenly after the aircraft arrived in Chicago. Dean, who is accused of gun-related charges, runs a private security firm in Chicago.

Dean, 27, of Chatham, was part of an entourage of about 10 people, including the Chicago-born rapper and his girlfriend, who were on the private jet as it flew between California and Illinois on December 8, 2019 for what would end up being the last moments of Juice WRLD’s life.

He told police he was Juice’s security guard.

Chicago police confirm that Juice started having a seizure after the plane landed and the group got off it. His cause of death was deferred after his autopsy because the medical examiner determined that more testing was needed. Juice went into cardiac arrest, the Chicago Fire Department told Heavy.com. It’s not clear what caused the seizure and cardiac arrest, but TMZ, which broke the news that Juice had died, reported that federal law enforcement was waiting for the group when they arrived at the Atlantic private hangar at Midway Airport.

TMZ reported that a member of Juice WRLD’s entourage told police that the rapper swallowed Percocet pills so that law enforcement wouldn’t see he had them as authorities searched the group’s suitcases, where they allegedly turned up guns and drugs. Authorities have not confirmed that account, however. It’s not clear which members or member of the entourage told police that information or were responsible for the drugs.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dean Told Authorities He Was ‘Private Security’ for Juice WRLD & He Possessed a High Capacity Magazine, Police Say

henry dean

Henry Dean with Juice WRLD

The Chicago police say that Henry Dean claimed he was Juice’s bodyguard. “Head Of Security,” Dean wrote on Facebook of the above picture, which was posted in June 2019. A friend wrote in the comment thread under that photo, “It looks like juice gave you a compliment and you’re like ‘who me?’ ?” Dean responded, “naw his goofy ass said something crazy.”

In April, he wrote, “Truly Blessed .. Tour Starts Tomorrow.. Vancouver Day 1 #JuiceWorldPersonalSecurity ??”

“Upon further investigation, Offender #1 Henry Dean, 27, indicated that he was on the plane but was private security. He was able to provide a valid FOID card and CCL but was in possession of high capacity round magazine,” Chicago police told Heavy.com.

“Offender #1 was subsequently charged with one charge of Possession of High Capacity Magazine and Metal Piercing Bullets, and two misdemeanor counts of Carry or Conceal a Firearm in the Airport.”

Police revealed they were called to the airport to “assist Federal Authorities in regards to a private jet arriving at the airport which contained a large amount of narcotics. Upon CPD arriving, the occupants of the target plane were standing in the lobby with luggage loaded on two luggage carts.”

At that time, Chicago police say, the “Illinois State Police K9 Unit began a search which immediately indicated a positive narcotics alert on a suitcase on the first cart. The K9 Officer then conducted a search on the second cart of luggage with another positive alert of narcotics. Officers then searched the luggage, which contained 41 bags of suspect marijuana and six prescription bottles of suspect liquid cocaine, along with three firearms. None of the subjects claimed ownership of the luggage.”

During the investigation, “a 21-year-old male suffered a medical emergency, causing him to have a seizure. The report indicates that a Homeland Security Officer administrated Narcan to the victim. The victim was later pronounced,” police added.

That, obviously, referred to Juice WRLD. Narcan is used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

2. Dean Is the Registered Agent for a Chicago Security Company & Previously Ran a Chauffeur Service

henry dean

Henry Dean

According to State of Illinois LLC records, Henry Dean Jr. is the registered agent for Power Protection Group, LLC., a Chicago company listed as being in good standing.

The company Facebook page describes it as “We at Power Protection Group use our knowledge in the industry To ensure peace of mind to our clients by providing the highest level of protection for their enterprise, their assets and the safety of their personnel.”

Dean’s Facebook page chronicles world travels. “Road Runner In Two Days – Japan, New Zealand, Australia now I can rest. #PowerProtectionGroup #Lettheworkshow,” he wrote in November 2019. Another photo was captioned, “In Australia ?? making moves #PowerProtectionGroup ✔️”

In August 2019, Dean wrote, “The State Of Illinois Approved My Company. Power Protection Group LLC. CEO – Henry Dean Jr ✊? #Nowletsfloodthecity.” A friend wrote, “Congratulations! So proud of you!!! Your story will inspire and encourage others!! You should think about writing a book!” Dean responded, “thank you so much I really appreciate it.. I actually thought about that couple years ago.” The friend responded, “The sky is the limit. I see you going to schools and detention centers speaking to troubled youth. Redirecting them from the street life.”

On Facebook, Dean wrote that he previously ran a chauffeur service. “Got My First Black Truck, Let’s get started Hen’s Chauffeur services up to 6 passengers.. Airport, Nightlife, Personal transport ETC,” he wrote.

3. Dean Wrote on Facebook That Juice WRLD ‘Became my Family’

henry dean

Henry Dean

At 3:17 p.m. on December 8, 2019, the afternoon of Juice’s death, Henry Dean took to his Facebook page to offer a tribute.

“First I would just like to thank YOU and Gmoney for giving me the opportunity to work with the you and the TEAM,” he wrote.

“Ima miss and will never forget all the convos we had. I always kept it ? wit you and respected that. Ima miss crackin jokes on each other all the time, playing uno on the pj, listening to you create ? music on a daily. You always respected my family but that’s cuz you became my family… RIP my dawg…. Rob & Big…. Juice & Hen ??CHICAGO KING.”

A friend responded, “I immediately thought of you when I saw the news because I knew you two worked together. He was such a light to so many people; an angel he will be. Praying for all of y’all ❤️” Another friend wrote, “Sorry for your loss cuz!! He will be missed I know y’all built a motherhood by being on the road together. Keep your head up and just know we sending prayers up for everyone who may be hurting during this time.”

His company Facebook contains this tribute: “We are going to miss you our friend/family you are truly loved. #999Forever #RestInLegendHeaven #CHICAGOLEGEND.”

4. Chris Long, the Other Juice Entourage Member Accused of a Gun Charge, Wrote on Instagram That He Did Video & Photography for Juice WRLD

Chris Long was also accused of a gun charge at the same time as Henry Dean. He’s a well-known member of the BMX community who is affiliated with the hip hop podcaster, Adam22.

Long plastered his Instagram page with photos and videos showing him traveling and hanging out with Juice WRLD. “Video & Photography For @juicewrld999 Los Angeles,” his Instagram page says. You can find it here. Police gave his address as Buena Park, California.

He posted pictures of Juice WRLD to his Instagram story after Juice died. “I can’t stop going through all my photos,” says the first picture, which appears to show Long and Juice together. One video in his tribute story shows Juice WRLD singing.

The story concluded with a photo of Juice and Long that reads, “This hurt so much.” Other photos and videos in the story appear to show Juice facetiming Long, eating pizza, and they show Long doing videography of Juice.

Long links to a website where people can buy his prints, but it generates an error message.

Other photos on Long’s Instagram page show pictures of other celebrities like Kris Kardashian.

View this post on Instagram

Happy Father's Day Johnny! #fathersday #dad

A post shared by Chris Long (@chrislongfilms) on Jun 16, 2013 at 4:03pm PDT

Long is from Billerica, Massachusetts. You can read more about Long, including his BMX background, here.

Police wrote in a statement to Heavy.com that “Offender #2, Christopher Long, 36 was charged with one misdemeanor count of Unlawful Use of Weapon/Carry or Possess.”

5. Videos Emerged Showing the Entourage on the Private Plane

Videos have emerged that show the rapper Juice WRLD and his entourage inside the private plane that was heading to Chicago shortly before his death but nothing appears amiss in them, according to the YouTuber who shared them. Rather, Juice WRLD appears happy and normal during what ended up being his final plane ride and moments of life, according to videos shared by DJ Akademiks on social media.

One video appears to show Juice WRLD, 21, in the air during the plane ride from California to Chicago, Illinois. The other appears to show the plane on the tarmac in Chicago. At no point does anything seem wrong.

The videos were shared on Twitter by DJ Akademiks, a Jamaican YouTube star, who wrote that they were from Juice WRLD’s final trip in the early morning hours of December 8, 2019. TMZ also shared the videos. Akademiks has 1.2 million followers. In the first video he shared, DJ Akademiks wrote, “This was Juice Wrld as he got on the plane that took him to Chicago last night. He was in high spirits and looked happy.”

In another tweet, Akademiks wrote, “More footage of Juice Wrld on his private jet which was headed to Chicago. Seems like everything was good and everyone including him was in high spirits until he landed.” He posted the video this Instagram account too. He shared this video:

The videos show a variety of other people on the plane. Those people haven’t been publicly named. The Chicago police spokesman said in a statement that the people with Juice on the plane have been cooperative.

Akademiks also wrote: “Hip Hop needs Grief Counselors… to see so many young fans have to deal with the death of their favorite artists and try to make sense of it’s disheartening but it’s as well disheartening seeing people not understand how each person chooses to grieve or how people deal w/ a loss.” DJ added, “RIP Juice… I was suppose to link wit him this weekend. I feel so guilty that our last phone call I told him I would call him back then didn’t cuz I said ‘imma see u this weekend’…”

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