Jake Hoot from ‘The Voice’ Is No Longer Married

the voice season 17 contestant Jake Hoot during a performance.

Justin Lubin/NBC the voice season 17 contestant Jake Hoot during a performance.

Jake Hoot has been winning hearts of Voice viewers thanks to his humble demeanor and singing style. The singer comes to the competition as a divorced father. As he focused on winning the competition, Hoot gave many followers a glimpse of his life as a single parent on Instagram. His love life is far from over as the country artist is currently in a relationship.

He Has Not Mentioned His Ex-Wife

Hoot is more than willing to share posts that show his girlfriend and daughters. While he is open with the fact that he is divorced, the contestant is less forthcoming about the former woman in his life. Details about the divorce as well as the mother to Macy have not been made public in any interviews or promotional materials. Whether it was a decision by Hoot or the show’s producers is unknown.

He Admits It Was Hard to Be Away From His Girlfriend and Daughters

The singer was approached by producers of the series and encouraged to auditions. For the Tennessee resident, it was a hard decision to make. “It was hard being gone from them, but it was really cool getting to get out there and be able to sing on a stage like that. It was kinda almost still a dream,” he said during an interview with The Upper Cumberland Business Journal.

Along with girlfriend Bekah, Hoot enjoyed time at home as the taped episode appeared. They were both in attendance as the community held a watch party during the battle rounds. It gave the singer a chance to share his experience with friends, family, and supporters. In addition to the showing, Hoot had time to thank those who came to show their support.

The Singer Valued Kelly Clarkson’s Help Throughout the Series

Hoot also has great mentorship from his coach Kelly Clarkson. For the singer, her help up to this point guided him through the obstacles. “I think having a coach that’s been through this type of process definitely gives her a different perspective than other coaches,” he told Parade. “This is not to bash any of the coaches, because everybody’s great, but I feel like with us, Kelly is so involved, whether it’s song choice, choreography, or the arrangement of the song, she’s just so hands on with us. I think part of it is because she went through it, she knows what it’s like to be on this side of the competition,” he added.


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