Are Jeremy Calvert & Leah Messer Dating Anyone?

Teen Mom 2

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Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer continued to have a strained relationship on Teen Mom 2. While they share daughter Adalynn, both parties have broken up with their significant others in the past year. This has led many to question whether Calvert or Messer is currently dating anyone? Are either of them in a relationship? Have they considered getting back together?

Both Calvert and Messer are single at the moment. Calvert broke up with his girlfriend Desi Kibler in June 2018. While the reality star kept the details of their split largely to himself, he did post a cartoon of a man with knives in his back, and a caption that read, “When you have a good heart, you help too much, you trust too much, you give too much, you love too much and this is what happens in the end.”

Both Calvert & Messer Are Currently Single In 2019

Messer recently broke up with boyfriend Jason Jordan. She dated Jordan throughout 2018, but decided to call it quits in April 2019, after deciding that he wasn’t a good parent to her daughters. “My kids weren’t feeling it anymore either, not that they can determine who I’m going to be with, but they were picking up on the energy and it wasn’t okay,” she told People Magazine. “We’ve had a lot of disagreements lately on parenting. He gets openly angry, he doesn’t hit or anything, he just gets upset and takes it out on everyone.”

Messer also said that Jordan was demanding, and that she felt as though she could never do enough to please him. “What I did wasn’t ever enough. It didn’t matter. I could get up, make breakfast, do this and that, have all the kids ready and I felt like it wasn’t enough,” she revealed. “He wanted to try to work on it but I was like, ‘I think this is just toxic, I don’t think this is good.’ That’s okay to accept. To me, that’s healthy dating. I really felt like I was in such a great place. I was ready to put my all in a relationship, it just wasn’t the right person.”

Calvert & Messer Recently Admitting to Hooking Up

Despite reports that both are single, there have been rumors that Calvert and Messer have considered getting back together. In October, Messer admitted that she and Calvert had recently hooked up. She initially denied these claims, but when asked if she was lying, Messer admitted that she was. Messer was also caught texting Calvert when her daughters took her phone during last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

“I like Jeremy because it’s Addie’s dad… Do I think there’s any possible relationship stuff? I honestly don’t know,” she said during a confessional. “We’re going with the flow, whatever happens, happens. We’re doing the best thing for Addie. We are not dating, I am single, Jeremy’s single, doing our thing.”

For the time being, it looks as though Calvert and Messer are keeping their relationship platonic, and looking for love elsewhere.

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