Katie Kadan Talks Meeting ‘Voice’ Coach John Legend’s Wife

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Katie Kadan is a fan favorite heading into the final stretch of The Voice season 17. She has dazzled audiences with her boisterous stage presence and powerhouse vocals. That said, Kadan was starstruck when she got the chance to work with Voice coach John Legend, and meet his wife Chrissy Teigen. Read on for a rundown of Kadan’s experience.

Kadan and fellow contestant Marybeth Byrd were invited to Legend’s house to rehearse their recent performances, instead of working at the Voice studio. “It’s beautiful. So warm and welcoming. It was very nice,” Kadan told Parade. “Before the cameras turned on, he welcomed us, ‘Come on in, guys.’ He’s just super sweet. I was pinching myself on the way there, Like, is this happening?’ I’m like, ‘Okay. This is pretty fancy. A gate is opening. What?’ I can’t even explain it. It was awesome.”

Kadan Said Her Experience with Legend’s Family Was ‘Warm & Welcoming’

Byrd said that both her and Kadan were nervous to meet Chrissy Teigen. “I was like, ‘Wait a second, I’m going to John Legend’s house right now and I swear if Chrissy Teigen walks up to me, I’m going to not freak out,” she recalled. “And Katie was like, ‘Marybeth, you cannot freak out.’ And I was like, ‘I’m not,’ but when she walked up to me, my face just said it all. The house was just so amazing. It was beautiful.”

In addition to meeting Teigen, the Voice contestants were given a chance to spend time Legend’s parents. “His mom and dad were so cute. His dad came up to me, he’s like, ‘Hey, soul sister,’ and gave me a hug,” Kadan revealed. “They’re all lovely. It was like I was a part of the family.” me for?”

Legend Claimed That His Family Was Most Excited to Meet Kadan Out of His 3 Contestants

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During last week’s episode of The Voice, Legend dished on Kadan and said that his family was most excited to meet her of all the contestants. “[My team and I] were rehearsing Wednesday morning, the day before Thanksgiving, and my family didn’t know we were going to be rehearsing at the house,” Legend said. “They arrived at the house and when they found out we were rehearsing, the only person they wanted to meet was Katie. They said, ‘Where is Katie?! I need to meet Katie.'”

Legend also said that Kadan helped her shop for a gift for his wife. While they were shopping, a woman stopped Legend and gushed about Kadan’s singing talents. “I went to Target—I’m not doing a free ad for them—I went to Target and I was getting gift wrap for my wife’s birthday present,” Legend recalled. “I’m in Palm Springs and a woman walks up to me and she says, ‘Oh my God. I was just thinking about Katie on your team.’ I swear to God, she was like, ‘When I saw you, I was like oh my God I’ve got to tell John Legend how much I love Katie on his team.'”

Kadan is one three contestants who are part of Team Legend, with the other two being Byrd and Will Breman. Gold Derby claims that Kadan is one of the standouts, and that she is almost guaranteed to make it to the season finale.

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