Kent Blazy Is How Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Met

Garth Brooks and Kent Blazy

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A lot of country fans know that Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were friends and musical collaborators for years before they began dating in 2002. They married in 2005 and have barely been apart ever since — they make it a point not to spend more than five days apart in any given year.

But in the new A&E documentary titled Garth Brooks: The Road I’m On, the singers reveal the person behind their romance — songwriter Kent Blazy.

The story goes that Blazy was putting together a demo session — this is where studio musicians perform other people’s music in the hopes that a record label or producer will pick it up. Back then, neither Brooks nor Yearwood had broken into the music business, so they were making ends meet by working as demo singers.

“He could sing anything … he was very versatile and a lot of the singers I was using had more of a niche that they could do,” recalls Blazy. “Except this girl named Trish Yearwood. She could sing anything.”


So Blazy brought them both in and the rest is history. Both Yearwood and Brooks say that even back then, they could feel that there was something between them.

“What I remember about that day, singing on the same microphone, it was a duet, it felt immediately like I’d been singing with him forever,” says Yearwood. “We just naturally did the same things. And that’s not something that’s very common. … You feel it, the chemistry. There’s something here, there’s something really special about this guy.”

Brooks adds, “I was like, ‘Wow.’ We had a great time. I remember everything about it, I remember everything down to the clothes she was wearing.”

Brooks also says that after the session, Blazy asked him what he thought and he said, “It’s crazy, but I feel like I just met my wife.”

But Yearwood reminds viewers that at the time, they were both married to other people and that was that.

Garth Brooks – In Another's Eyes (Music Video)Limited Edition DVD.2017-03-08T23:58:36.000Z

“I’m a good little Southern girl. I was married, he was married. Not in my world. In that moment it’s not an option,” says Yearwood. But she adds that it’s “all Kent Blazy’s fault … Kent Blazy is the reason Garth and I met.”

The documentary also details how Blazy helped Brooks bring his No. 1 hit “If Tomorrow Never Comes” to life. Brooks was tossing the idea around in his head and it was Blazy who just started blurting out the lyrics and tune. They co-wrote that song and went on to collaborate on “Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up),” “It’s Midnight Cinderella,” “She’s Gonna Make It,” “Somewhere Other Than the Night,” “Beer Run (B Double E Double Are You In?),” “Why Ain’t I Running,” and “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance.”

Blazy is also known for writing songs for Diamond Rio (“That’s What I Get For Lovin’ You”), Patty Loveless (“Can’t Get Enough”), Chris Young (“Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)”, and Danny Gokey (“My Best Days Are Ahead of Me”).

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