Liam Payne’s New Track ‘Both Ways’ Gets Trashed on Twitter

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Liam Payne, former One Direction member, released his debut solo album, LP1, and the fan reaction is in stark contrast from when his boy band hey day. The 17-song album is not only getting terribly critical reviews, his fans are infuriated by the new track, “Both Ways,” and calling for him to be officially cancelled on Twitter.

The reason “Both Ways” is ruffling so many feathers is because the singer the lyrics of the song appear to many listeners as fetishizing bi-sexuality.

The chorus song goes, “She said we’re young and we’re stupid
She said, “Come on, boy let’s do this/Make every day my birthday/Let’s celebrate, like oh my gosh/She do things you won’t believe/ My girl, she like it both ways/ She like the way it all taste/ Couple more, we’ll call it foreplay/No, no, I don’t discriminate/Bring it back to my place/Yeah, she like it both ways.”

Payne’s fans took to Twitter to express their anger, because even though he’s far from the only performer to singer about threesomes and women hooking up with one another, the old trope that females only engage in sexual activity with one another is to please their male partner is tiresome to his bi-sexual fanbase. One user tweeted, “liam fetishizing bisexuality is not him coming to terms with his own sexuality. liam being crude, offensive and also corny when talking about sex is just gross. there’s nothing to salvage. he’s done #liampayneisoverparty.”

The refrain of “Both Hands” can only be described as cringeworthy. Payne sings, “Lovin’ the way that she’s turning you on/Switching the lanes like a Bugatti Sport/Nothing but luck that she got me involved, yeah/Flipping that body, go head, I go tails/Sharing that body like it’s our last meal/One and a two and a three, that’s for real.”

A Since-Deleted Tweet Showed Songwriter RuthAnne Cunningham Allegedly Defending ‘Both Hands

RuthAnne Cunningham Twitter

A series of direct messages were shared on Twitter that appeared to show verified songwriter RuthAnne Cunningham defending the song against those calling it homophobic. Cunningham, who’s an extremely successful artist, and is responsible for writing Niall Horan’s “Both Hands,” and Britney Spears’ “Work B****,” responded to the backlash kindly by saying, “It is not written in a homophobic way at all and that is definitely not the intention or what the lyrics are about,” and that “having a threesome is not homophobic.”

RuthAnne Cunningham Twitter

Fans Are Still Ticked Off For The Homophobic Comments Payne Made About Harry Styles

Liam Payne On Which 1d Boy He'd Let Babysit Bear2017-05-26T15:48:11.000Z

Many people online couldn’t help but remember the time Payne said in an interview with Vodafone’s Big Top 40 that he wouldn’t let fellow former One Direction member Harry Styles baby sit his son Bear “cause I feel like my child would come out dressed in something that I just wouldn’t understand.”

Listeners took this statement to be homophobic, and hated him for dragging Styles for the flamboyant way he dresses. Others took the interview in jest, and claimed Payne was not just joshing about Styles, but joking about all the members of 1D, and how none of them would be fit to be Bear’s godfather.

However, the fact that Styles recently debuted new solo music, which is receiving a much warmer reception than Payne’s only fueled the memory of this radio interview.

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