Is Lori Loughlin’s Character Aunt Becky on ‘Fuller House’ Season 5?

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The final season of Fuller House comes to Netflix, but the speculation about Aunt Becky’s presence on the series arguably overshadowed any fictional storylines. Lori Loughlin’s headline making arrest as part of the 2019 college admission scandal left many questioning whether she’d join the cast as they said goodbye to the show. Ending all hopes of a comeback, Loughlin is not included in the season.

The Arrest Left Cast and Crew Searching for Answers

As Fuller House was already in the process of putting together its last season, the details of Loughlin’s arrest left everyone scrambling. “We haven’t [dealt with it] yet,” John Stamos told ET shortly afterwards. It was an honest admission that Stamos, who is actively involved behind the scenes, had no idea how the series would cope. “I haven’t been on the show yet, so it hasn’t come up. I’m going to talk to some people about it this week and see what’s going on.” For the actor, the thought of Full House ending at the time was something he had not prepared for. Loughlin’s media attention did little to slow down the series’ schedule as it still got pre-production and production completed on schedule.

The First Indication of Her Absence Came During Table Reads

Fans who keep up with the cast online knew that table reads for the series got underway without Loughlin. As stars like Candace Cameron Bure shared their photos and special details from their last time running through the scripts, it was evident that the actress would not be there to celebrate. None of the cast mentioned Loughlin or her character in their social media posts, nor did she acknowledge it publicly.

It was also hard not to notice her absence from the final cast photos. As those in the cast celebrated taping their last episode, there was no mention of Loughlin or Aunt Becky. Bob Saget was one of the cast members to post on Instagram after filming was complete. ‘Final cast #FullerHouse photo post-show. Season 5, the final season @netflix – Lots of hard work and lots of good people doing fun good work. Cudos,” the comedian and actor wrote.

A source talked to ET about the experience of filming without the actress on set. “The cancellation of the show felt like another blow but she just couldn’t take part in anything to do with her TV family right now,” they said of the mood on set. ‘They felt their final wrap party was not the same without her,” the source added.

Her Former Cast Members Have Spoken Out About Her Absence

At the time of her arrest some cast members spoke out, others waited until the media attention died down for statements. For Bure, the opportunity to talk about the situation came about on NBC’s Today Show. ‘We would never want to talk about someone that’s such a dear and close friend. I’ve already said that we are family, and we stand by each other and pray for each other, and we’ll always be there for each other,” she said. It’s one of the few times that Bure has openly discussed the events surrounding Loughlin.

The thought of her not being a part of the series hit actress Andrea Barber as she got down to filming the series. “She was a big part of ‘Fuller House.’ She wasn’t in every episode, but her presence was definitely felt. We loved every single time she came on the set. So we have definitely felt her absence this season,” Barber told US Weekly. “We wish it wasn’t that way, and we wish she could be here because it definitely feels like there’s a hole in our hearts and a hole on our set.”