Luka Magnotta Now: Where Is He Today?

Luka Magnotta

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Luka Magnotta is the subject of a new Netflix true-crime documentary series called Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer. Today, Magnotta is still in prison, serving a life sentence for the horrific killing of a Chinese international student. The video of the killing was also posted online.

Today Magnotta Is Serving a Life Sentence & Was Married in Jail

Magnotta was convicted of killing and dismembering Lin Jun, a Chinese international student, and filming the crime. He was also alleged to have been behind several animal cruelty videos that were posted on YouTube in 2010. In 2014 he was found guilty of all charges. Netflix’s documentary looks at the people who helped track him down.

Today, Magnotta is serving a life sentence and will be eligible for parole in 25 years from the date he started serving. He was convicted of first-degree murder. He was also sentenced to 19 years for other crimes, including producing and distributing obscene material, sending obscene material through he mail, and harassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Montreal Gazette shared.

Since going to jail, Magnotta has gotten married. In 2017, it was first reported that he was planning to get married, according to the Montreal Gazette. The marriage was on June 26 to Anthony Jolin, who was another inmate. They were married at the Port-Cartier prison and Magnotta’s mom, Anna Yourkin, was his witness. I Heart Radio later reported that the Correctional Services of Canada said that the married couple would not be allowed to use the private family visitation area and would not be allowed any type of cohabitation.

In 2015, Magnotta had signed up for an inmate dating website known as Canadian Inmates Connect.

Then in late 2018, he was in the news again after his mother published a book about him, Yahoo! News reported. Yourkin and Brian Whitney wrote the book together.

During his trial, his lawyer tried to use the defense that he wasn’t criminally responsible for what he did because a mental disorder prevented him from knowing right from wrong. But Magnotta said he was never mentally ill, the Toronto Sun reported. He later said it was a legal maneuver his lawyers wanted to do, but he did not believe he was ever mentally ill.

“Even now in prison I take no medications,” he said in the book. Whitney told the Toronto Sun that Magnotta “doesn’t like talking about the actual crime itself.” He said Whitney believes people are lying about him.

As for his life at a prison in Port-Cartier, Quebec, he told Whitney that he plays a lot of video games, the Toronto Sun shared. “We have movie nights. We all have our own TVs. I have painting class and I exercise a lot. I practice language studies.”

The Toronto Sun shared a series of videos in 2018 discussing Magnotta’s prison life.

Behinds the scenes look at prison life of convicted killer Luka Magnotta2018-02-23T18:22:13.000Z

An inside look of prison life for convicted killer Luka Magnotta2018-02-10T16:42:40.000Z

In 2015, Vice reported that Magnotta had been at Quebec’s Archambault Institution and then was moved to a maximum-security prison. Magnotta had said in letters that Archambault had good food and he worked in the kitchen. But Catherine Latimer, executive director of the John Howard Society of Canada, told Vice that maximum-security prison conditions in Canada were bad and people were typically locked down 22 hours a day. She also said the food was typically “grim” and it’s typically cooked in one place and then shipped out.

Whitney said that Magnotta didn’t show any signs that he regretted the murder, Global News reported. Whitney also said that Magnotta appeared “haughty.” Whitney said about Magnotta: “He presents the same way now as he did back then. Rather haughty and above it all,” the National Post reported.

Whitney added: “He thinks society is sick — not him.”

Meanwhile, Magnotta’s mother has said she still loves her son unconditionally, Global News reported.

Here’s a trailer for Netflix’s documentary:

Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer | Official Trailer | NetflixWhen a video is posted online of a mysterious man killing two kittens, internet users across the world leap into action to find the perpetrator. Encouraged by the attention he's receiving, the killer continues posting ever more disturbing videos, eventually crossing into murder. From the producers of The Imposter and Silk Road, Don't F**k With…2019-12-04T15:30:01.000Z

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