‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 5 Easter Eggs: Mos Eisley, a Red Droid & More

The Mandalorian Episode 7

Disney The Mandalorian Episode 7

Episode 5 of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus was pure gold, and some of the best moments were found in the Easter eggs hidden throughout the episode. The episode took place on Tatooine, which was a huge Easter egg all by itself. But one of the best that fans found was the subtle callback to the Greedo-Han Solo scene at Mos Eisley. Here are the best Easter eggs, including that table scene. This story has spoilers for Episode 5. 

The Episode Had Clear Callbacks to Han Solo & Mos Eisley

Episode 5 had clear callbacks to that infamous Han Solo and Greedo scene at Mos Eisley. In case you need a refresher, Mos Eisley is a cantina on Tatooine that Obi-Wan Kenobi described as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy.” It’s where Obi-Wan and Luke Skywalker found Han Solo and Chewbacca. Han had a confrontation with the bounty hunter Greedo, which ended with Han Solo shooting Greedo dead. Here’s that scene again:

Original Cantina Scene – A New Hope [1080p HD]Classic scene full of interesting monsters, music and dialogue. It also introduces the famous Han Solo, as he gets into a shootout with Greedo that was altered in one of the dumbest Special Edition changes. Star Wars Blu-ray 20112015-03-25T12:05:33.000Z

The scene in The Mandalorian was a clear callback to the Han Solo-Greedo shooting scene, with Toro Calican (played by Jake Cannavale) even sitting at a table in the same way that Han Solo did. But a close comparison of the two scenes reveals that Mando did not sit at the same table with Toro where that infamous Han Solo-Greedo scene took place. They were near that table, but not at the same one.

Mando’s table was directly next to the entrance to Mos Eisley. Han Solo’s table was a few tables away from the entrance. See how close Mando’s table was to the entrance in the photo below. Then watch the Han Solo scene again above and see how far Solo has to walk before he can leave the cantina.


But Toro is clearly sitting just like Han Solo did:



Maybe he’s sitting where Han Solo was in the beginning of the scene:


But even that doesn’t seem to line up quite right. He’s in the vicinity, but not in the exact location. Still, it’s a very nice Easter egg. In fact, the appearance of Mos Eisley is a fan favorite.

Tusken Raiders, Speeder Bikes, & More

Fans also pointed out the Tusken Raiders, whom we’ve seen before on Tatooine. Fans loved the Tusken Raider sign language in The Mandalorian. 

The speeder bikes were another nice Easter egg.

And one fan pointed out that the red droid (R5-D4) was seen.


R5-D4, whom Luke called “Red,” was a droid taken by the Jawas on Tatooine. The Jawas tried to sell him to Owen Lars, Star Wars Fandom shares, but the droid malfunctioned his motivator on purpose so that R2-D2 would be purchased instead. He was part of a rebellion against the Empire before he was taken by the Jawas, and he sacrificed himself so R2-D2 could get Leia’s message out.

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Now we saw him in The Mandalorian Episode 5.

This episode had so many Easter eggs, fans will likely be finding many more as they wait for next week’s episode to air.