Matt Brown’s ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Comeback After Rehab

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Alaskan Bush People is back for its eleventh season on Discovery, and so is cast member Matt Brown. The son of Billy and Ami Brown has been absent from the past few seasons due to substance abuse problems, but he has reportedly cleaned up his act and is eager to rejoin the hit series. Read on to learn about Brown’s rehab stint and his comeback.

Brown entered rehab for the first time in 2016. He told People that he had begun drinking a few years prior, when his family‘s boat broke down and he began spending time in a town called Juneau. “I’ve always been able to handle city life, no problem. But I started hanging out with people who drank,” he recalled. “They didn’t have a problem with it so while I was around them, I started drinking.”

Brown Has Entered Rehab for Alcohol Addiction Twice Since 2016

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Brown admitted that his drinking eventually got out of control. “I started drinking lightly and then it got to be more and more,” he said. “That’s when I saw the problem around the corner, and I didn’t want to be one of those guys.” The reality star also said that he was nervous to bring his addiction to the attention of his family. “There was a shame for feeling weak. I didn’t want to tell them that,” he admitted. “But my family trusts each other. We don’t have secrets, so it made me feel that I was more of a bad guy.”

“There was a lot of anxiety. It took a couple days to work up the guts to tell my parents,” Brown added. “But their support was unbelievable. It instantly made me feel better and like I could be successful on this journey.”

Brown’s Return to ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Is Dependent on Him Staying Sober

When the rest of the family moved from Alaska to Washington, Brown decided to stay in California to continue his treatment. He entered rehab for the second time in September 2018. “I struggle with substance abuse, and after a year of ups and downs, I decided to return to treatment,” he said in a statement. “I’m really grateful for everyone’s support and hope to have my life back on track soon.”

Brown’s mother Ami told People that it was a difficult but necessary time. “It’s hard not having one of my babies here with us,” she explained. “He was so strong for me, and I want to be strong for him.” Brown’s father Billy was similarly supportive, adding: “We miss him terribly, but we’d rather lose him from home for a little while than lose him forever. We just want him to do what he needs to do to get better.”

Brown met with his father in August 2019 to discuss his Alaskan Bush People return. Radar Online reports that they came to an agreement, but Brown’s deal did come with some conditions. “He made up with his father, which is huge,” an insider claimed. “They were able to come to an agreement that would bring Matt back to the show, [but] Billy told Matt that he must stay sober from now on or else the deal is off. Of course, Matt agreed.”

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