Miss Universe 2019 Winners: Top 5 Contestants Who Won Tonight

Miss Universe Top 5

Miss Universe Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019 competes on stage in her evening gown during the MISS UNIVERSE® Preliminary Competition.

Tonight was the 2019 Miss Universe pageant, airing live on Fox and Telemundo on Sunday, December 6. After the swimsuit and evening wear portions of the competition, the Top 5 were chosen based on an average of the judges’ scores. Those 5 continued on to the on-stage question round, one step closer to achieving their goal of winning the global title of Miss Universe 2019.

The pageant’s Top 10 were Miss USA, Miss Colombia, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss South Africa, Miss Peru, Miss Iceland, Miss France, Miss Indonesia, Miss Thailand, and Miss Mexico. Unfortunately, only 5 could advance to the next round.

Here’s are the Miss Universe 2019 pageant’s Top 5:

1. Miss Mexico Sofía Aragón (2nd Runner-Up)

Sofia Aragon, Miss Mexico, was the first name called for the Top 5 of Miss Universe 2019. Aragon is a writer, and she has dedicated herself to offer support to those suffering from depression. She has shared her personal story as a public speaker to help others overcome struggles similar to what she has dealt with in the past.

2. Miss Thailand Paweensuda Drouin

Paweensuda Drouin began competing in pageants in 2013 because of the humanitarian impact they enable their participants to have, but she didn’t win her nation of Thailand’s title until 2019.

Drouin launched an original project called “ABLE,” which uses sports to empower and support people with physical disabilities. She also created the “We Are One” campaign for underprivileged children to experience inclusivity through music, sports, and art. It makes sense that she would be passionate about this cause, since she is both an athlete and a part-time sports DJ.

3. Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur Nader

Gabriela Tafur Nader, Miss Colombia, is only 24 years old, but she is already a lawyer who has supported over 80 social initiatives worldwide. She has been honored with the keys to five different cities in Colombia, as a thank you for the work she has done as a volunteer, which includes promoting the wellbeing of Colombian children, the quality of education for people with disabilities, women empowerment, and the protection of the rights of incarcerated people.

4. Miss Puerto Rico Madison Anderson (1st Runner-Up)

After the preliminary competition concluded, Anderson took to Instagram to reflect on the experience so far, as well as what’s to come. She wrote “Last night was magical, going out on stage carrying my country’s name in my chest was beyond incredible! Wow. To see Puerto Rico’s flags in the crown and feel a wave of love and support it’s just a feeling I can’t describe. Once again, thank you all, this is for ALL OF YOU!”

5. Miss South Africa Zozibini Tunzi (WINNER)

Zozibini Tunzi is an activist who fights against gender-based violence. She also uses her strong social media presence to promote natural beauty and change the way her followers look and think about gender stereotypes.

In her on-stage statements and answers as well as each strut across the catwalk, Tunzi exuded confidence and grace. Her low-cut beaded evening gown, embellished with shimmery shoulder pads and draping down her toned arms, was especially stunning on her sleek figure.

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