Monica Ruiz, ‘Peloton Wife’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Monica Ruiz Instagram

Instagram/Monica Ruiz Monica Ruiz pictured on her Instagram page in May 2018.

Monica Ruiz is the actress who played the role of “Peloton Wife” in the company’s controversial December 2019 commercial. Ruiz lampooned her role in an ad for Aviation Gin.

The role of Ruiz’s husband in the ad was played by Canadian actor and elementary school teacher, Sean Hunter. Ruiz was first identified in a report by TMZ.

The Peloton ad shows a husband giving his wife a Peloton Bike as a gift for the holidays. The ad has been badly reviewed on social media and on television. Some have even compared it to an episode of the horror/Sci-Fi series “Black Mirror.” At the time of writing, the ad has been viewed over 3.3 million times.

Here’s what you need to know about ‘Peloton Wife’:

1. In Her Gin Commercial, Ruiz Is Complimented on ‘Looking Great’

The Gift That Doesn't Give Back2019-12-07T01:12:14.000Z

In the Aviation Gin commercial, Ruiz is apparently still in character as “Peloton Wife” with a look of despair on her face. Ruiz is in the middle of two friends at a bar. The trio is drinking Martinis amid an awkward silence. Eventually, Ruiz breaks the silence by saying, “This gin is really smooth.”

Her two friends then begin consoling Ruiz with one saying, “You look great,” an obvious nod to the Peloton commercial. One of Ruiz’s friends sarcastically says, “This will be a fun night.” The ad is titled, “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back.” Aviation Gin is the passion project of Ryan Reynolds.

The original Peloton ad was titled, “The Gift That Gives Back.” In revealing the commercial on his Instagram page, Reynolds wrote in the caption, “Exercise bike not included.”

2. Ruiz Has Said in the Past that She Hopes to Teach Elementary School

Monica Ruiz husband Chris O'Malley

Monica Ruiz pictured with her real-life husband Christopher O’Malley.

Ruiz said in an October 2004 interview that she had graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a degree in sociology. Ruiz went on to say that she hoped one day to teach elementary school. In an ironic twist of events, Sean Hunter, Ruiz’s co-star from the Peloton commercial, is an elementary school teacher in Vancouver.

During that same interview, Ruiz said that she first got into modeling while in high school but didn’t feel truly comfortable with it as a profession until college. At the time of the interview, Ruiz said that she was working as a waitress in Manhattan Beach. Ruiz is a native of Redondo Beach.

In the same interview, Ruiz spoke about her love of video games saying, “I love the old school Nintendo systems. Super Nintendo is my favorite. When I’d get grounded in High school (which was really often), my best friend would come over and her, my sister, and I would play until 3 or 4 in the morning. We’d drink a 3-liter of Shasta soda and piss off my parents when we got too loud screaming at the game! Guess I wasn’t the biggest party animal in High school!”

3. According to Her IMDb Page, Ruiz Hasn’t Appeared in a TV Show 2015

Monica Ruiz Peloton

Instagram/Monica ruiz

According to Ruiz’s IMDb page, she is an actress who is based in Los Angeles. Among her credits is starring alongside Donald Faison in an episode of “The Exes” as well as making an appearance on “About a Boy.”

Ruiz’s profile notes that she is a talented basketball and volleyball player. That profile says that Ruiz has not made an appearance on television since 2015. Ruiz has appeared in previously national commercials for Rent-A-Center, Lee Jeans and Herbal Essences. As well as ads for Speedo and Target.

Ruiz married her husband, Christopher O’Malley in Hermosa Beach, California, in September 2013. The couple has two children together.

4. Regarding the Peloton Commercial Fallout, Ruiz Said on Instagram: ‘It’s Been Quite a Week’

monica ruiz instagram

In the wake of the controversy, Ruiz saw the lighter side.

In the wake of the Peloton controversy, Ruiz simply posted on her Instagram story a message that read, “It’s been quite the week. AmIright?” Posts on that page show Ruiz on the cover of the magazine Pregnancy and Newborn in July 2018 as well as modeling maternity wear for Gap.

On her Instagram bio, Ruiz jokes, “I don’t know how to do social media. Bear with me.” Ruiz adds that she is represented by Tricia Bank Management LA and CGM Models in Miami.

Ruiz maintains a profile on Brand Models’ website.

5. Ruiz’s Peloton Co-Star Says His Experience in the Commercial Has Left Him With More Questions Than Answers

Husband in controversial Peloton ad speaks out l ABC NewsThe actor who played the husband in the commercial, which has been widely criticized, is defending himself. #ABCNews #Peloton #PelotonHusband2019-12-06T15:12:38.000Z

Sean Hunter wrote in a blog post for Psychology Today that he noticed the clip started to garner thumbs down votes on YouTube in early December.

Hunter quotes Allah Pundit on Twitter as saying of the clip, “Absolutely 100% chance that the husband in the Peloton ad is abusive.” As well as Vice’s Katie Way who wrote, “She would rather be anywhere else in the world than here, in her glacial home with the husband she loathes.” Hunter says one of his friends texted him to call him “a symbol of the patriarchy.”

Hunter writes in the final paragraph that he prides himself on being “a great teacher and developing actor.” Hunter writes, “Unfortunately, the problem is that viewers can mistake an actor as that person after they’ve seen them on television instead of a person given a script with no opinion on what they are being told to portray.” Hunter says his experience in acting in the commercial has left him “with more questions than answers.” Hunter closes by saying, “I reflect on what my co-actor must be dealing with, as she’s the other 25 seconds of the story.”

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