MTV ‘The Challenge’ War of the Worlds 2 Winners: Who Won Tonight?

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Tonight was the finale of The Challenge: War of the Worlds. The winning team was The UK Team, which consisted of Rogan, Jordan, Dee, and CT. Each of the four competitors went home with $250,000.

Part one of the finale aired on December 4, and the second part aired tonight.

What went down during the finale? Read on for a full recap of the show.

Team UK Started Off In the Lead

Can Paulie Finish The Final? | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2Will the jungle get the best of Paulie before stage one of the final is even over? #TheChallenge34 #MTV Subscribe to The Challenge: The Challenge is back, and this time it's all-out war. On The Challenge: War of the Worlds, America's best will be taking on competitors from around the globe. Legendary Challenge Veterans…2019-12-05T03:30:00.000Z

The synopsis for tonight’s episode read, “The daunting final begins, with both teams evenly matched. Endurance, puzzles, and math put Team USA and Team U.K. to the ultimate test. One player has a shocking and disastrous gas-out that threatens to sink their team.”

Team UK started out the finale episode in the lead.

Paulie, meanwhile, was dealing with some severe cramping and a body that was essentially shutting down. Fortunately, he came through during the puzzle challenge. Leroy perhaps put it best when he acknowledged that the entire US team was truly falling apart at the top of the episode.

With the UK in the lead, CT was the first to walk up to the alarming snake challenge. It went a little something like this: there were two made beds in a pit of snakes. One person from each team was allowed to sleep at a time, while the others stood on the stairs, awake. Put simply– if you wanted to sleep, you had to sleep with the snakes. During the snake challenge, Paulie started throwing up (much to Jordan’s happiness). Eventually, and with very little sleep, all the competitors made it to morning: exhausted, restless, but determined to finish out the game.

During the next part of the challenge, TJ explained that he only had room for four players from each team. This meant that Team UK was only going to lose one person, but Team USA was going to lose three players. Ultimately, the four players from team UK to proceed were: CT, Dee, Rogan, and Jordan. Team US was: Ninja, Cara Maria, Paulie, and Zach.

Ashley, Kam, Leroy, and Tori were eliminated at this point in the competition.

Stage 2 of the Finale Whittled the Competition Down to 8 People

The chain gang challenge came next and involved each competitor attaching a chain to their ankles and following arrows around the 6-mile island. After completing that grueling task, they then had to do a nine-piece puzzle, and kayak to a yacht. The first team to get all four players on the yacht would be crowned the winner. Team UK got to kick off the competition with a five-minute headstart.

Team UK was the first to make it to the finish line after the 6-mile run around the island, and ultimately, they were the first to get in the water.

Rogan was the first to make it to the boat, while Jordan was the second to finish. Dee finished next, and CT rounded it out. It became pretty clear once team UK had their headstart in the water that they would be winning.

This season of The Challenge: War of the Worlds premiered on August 28, 2019, and was hosted by TJ Lavin.

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