‘Project Runway’ Season 18 Contestants & Judges

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Season 18 of Project Runway is set to offer viewers all of the drama they’ve come to expect from the hit reality series. Karlie Kloss returns as host, along with former competitor Christian Siriano to provide that all-important mentorship. Familiar faces and new names collide as the current set of designers show off for some of fashion’s biggest names.

The Judges

Three judges are set to give their rulings on contestants this season of Project Runway. Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell, and Elaine Welteroth all bring their extensive backgrounds as well as knowledge to the competitions. Nina Garcia is a long time contributor to the series going back to its premiere season in 2004. Outside of her work with the series, she’s also the editor-in-chief for Elle magazine. The well known publication tackles everything from fashion to women’s lifestyle issues in a fun and stylish way.

Since 2015, Brandon Maxwell has been at the head of his own fashion label. The ready-to-wear designer takes much of his cues from New York style. His interests extend to giving women “beautiful” and “sophisticated designs. Maxwell’s designs have been seen on some of the world’s most fashionable celebrities.

Elaine Welteroth came to many people’s attention when she took over as Teen Vogue’s editor-in-chief. Under her guidance, the magazine has transitioned from just a style guide to an all encompassing place for lifestyle, politics, and important interviews. Her previous work extends to other Conde Nast brands and magazines with an eye for women’s lifestyle coverage.

The Contestants

Brittany Allen

Allen made Austin her home as she pursued a career in fashion. As she began her own line of clothing, the student became the teacher at a nearby college. The designer’s work stresses a creative blend of country and avant garde elements.

Chelsey Carter

This Chicago native has an eye for trendsetting styles and game changing designs. Her brand, Alex Carter, launched in 2015 to rave reviews. Among the line’s customers are some of music’s biggest names. The attention was enough to land her coveted spots on important lists and magazine pictorials.

Geoffrey Mae

The designer has worked with a range of celebrities, but he has bigger goals in mind. With the time and talents, Mae is in the process of creating his own line.

Alan Gonzalez

The Houston native created a fashion line called Alantude. He is self taught and knew early on that he passion was everything stylish. In addition to his current line, the entrepreneur plans to expand into other markets.

Delvin McCray

McCray offers a style that draws attention to the past, not the future. His contributions to the industry cover a Gothic sensibilities with a hint of classic accents. It all comes together for looks that are far from the ordinary.

Jenn Charkow

Charkow looks towards edgy and creative designs that are far from the normal off the rack creations. She started Stone Crow Designs with a goal of promoting positive ideals. One of her biggest concerns is maintaining a sustainable fashion line.

Tyler Neasloney

This designer gives back to the community through his work at an area LGBTQ+ organization. He also started the brand Tyler Neasloney New York.

Vernoica Sheaffer

The native of Illinois initially thought that acting would be her life’s pursuit. Instead, Sheaffer found her calling in the fashion industry. She works with pieces covering the gamut of ready-to-wear possibilities.

Dayoung Kim

Kim traveled the world and now she’s settled in Portland with her new brand MOIRAI. If she wins this series, it will not be the first time the designer got recognition for her work. She also took the title in a Korean fashion based reality show.

Victoria Cocieru

Cocieru got a knack for the fashion business as she worked with fashion’s top brands. It all culminated with her realizing her dreams of having a store. In 2015, the designer would move to the US and see her line reach fashionistas around the world.

Nancy Volpe-Beringer

Volpe-Beringer is one of the oldest contestants on the series. She brings a love of fashion that saw her enroll in a prestigious university. This mother also hopes to see her brand grow and expand thanks to the series.

Melanie Trygg

Trygg briefly attended the Rhode Island School of Design before pursuing her own path in fashion. She founded KLÄD Apparel and has seen her designs reach the New York runways.

Marquise Foster

Foster started out his life in Oakland and found an aptitude for fashion at an early age. As he made his way to New York, the designer saw more success as celebrities discovered his unique styles.

Asma Bibi

The Atlanta based designer has her own fashion brand, Hijabi Pop. This creative line quickly became Bibi’s way to deal with other brands’ lack of outreach to Muslim women. Her designs convey family traditions with a modern flare that highlight each piece.

Shavi Lewis

Lewis is a partly self-taught, partly college educated force in the fashion industry. His endeavors saw him becoming a creative director and having designs appear on celebrities.

Sergio Guadarrama

The Austin native knew early on that he wanted to be a part of the fashion world. While focused on designs that work well on anyone, he keeps an eye out for sustainable fashion. The issue has been a big part of his process and remains a central point.