‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Episode 5: Best Easter Eggs & Memes

Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5

Adult Swim Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5

Season 4 Episode 5 of Rick and Morty had some of the best Easter eggs of the season so far. Sure, it might be tough to beat the “Elon Tusk” reference from earlier this season, but fans are going to be talking about the great Easter eggs and parodies in Rattlestar Ricklactica for quite some time. Here are some of the best Easter eggs and memes that fans have found so far.

Fans Found ‘Sunny’ Easter Eggs & Callbacks to Previous Seasons

One of the best callbacks/Easter eggs were the Schrodinger’s cats and the time cops from Season 2 Episode 1.

We saw both before. Here are screenshots from Season 2 Episode 1.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim

You can read more about their relevance in Heavy’s detailed story here.

Another fan noticed that Jerry appeared to float over Gravity Falls.

Fans said it was very likely since the creator and Justin Roiland are good friends and they sometimes include Gravity Falls Easter eggs in the show.

There was also a subtle callout to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s Frank and Charlie’s German Shepherd painting.

And a closeup:

Another view said that Morty had R2D2 candles in his room, which was a nice Star Wars callout.

And in this scene, you can see a Back to the Future poster in the background (at least, a snake version of one.)

And of course, there were the more obvious parodies, like the Terminator storyline and Snake Hitler.

Some fans think that Morty’s bruised eye could be an Evil Morty Easter. Maybe so, but it’s just a black eye and won’t last for very long or require an eye patch. Plus, Evil Morty’s eye patch wasn’t actually needed for his eye. It was a patch to control robot Rick.

The Spoilers Without Context Memes Are Inspired

Fans are already coming up with great spoilers without context memes and other fun memes. Most of these are showing up in the Reddit discussion threads.

Here’s a fun meme about the snakes in the episode.

But the spoilers without context memes may be the best for this episode.

Here’s another one.

And this sign seemssssss perfect for the episssssode.

And you’re going to see a lot of tweets like this:

That translates to “Ssssss ssssss sssss Ss sssssssss SSSSS ssss s!”

Justin Roiland said on Twitter before the episode aired that this was one of his favorite episodes, and it’s understandable why. Many fans are now saying the same thing.

The episode had everything, from great jokes to some introspection and a few darker twists. We had Jerry and Morty both messing up in ways that actually ruined lives. Morty had the best of intentions, but they went hilariously and terribly wrong. Plus, the snakes talking without any subtitles was a perfect touch.

This is a great episode to end the first half of the season on. The show will continue sometime in 2020. Until then, fans are going to be left with a lot to talk about in the coming weeks.

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