Time Cops & Cats from ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Episode 5 Were Also in Season 2

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If you thought that the cats and time cops from Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5 on Adult Swim looked familiar, it’s because we’ve seen them both before. They previously appeared on the Season 2 premiere. Read on for more details. This article has spoilers for Season 4 Episode 5 and the Season 2 premiere of Rick and Morty

We’ve Seen the Cats & Time Cops Before

The cats were floating all around the 4th Dimensional Time Cop Headquarters during the latest episode (Season 4 Episode 5: Rattlestar Ricklatica) and it looked like they filled the space around the building.

Adult SwimSchrodinger’s Cats

Well, we’ve learned about them before. The floating cats are called Schrodinger’s Cats and we saw them in Season 2 Episode 1, a Rickle in Time. Here are photos from their Season 2 appearance.

Adult SwimHere

Back then, Rick explained that those floating cats were called Schrodinger’s Cats and they neither are nor aren’t. Because of how Rick fractured time in that episode, those cats existed in the same time oblivion that Rick, Summer, and Morty briefly existed in during the Season 2 premiere.

The time cops that we saw were also seen in a previous episode (well, at least one of them was.) Here are the time cops we saw tonight.

Adult Swim

This time, they stopped the ripped up time that the snakes created when they traveled back in time over and over. Basically, they fixed everything by stopping the snakes from evolving. The time cops can be pretty brutal sometimes.

In Season 2 Episode 1 we just met one of the time cops. Rick had fractured time back then when he stole a time crystal and he couldn’t put it back together. They needed the time cop’s help, but when he decided to try to arrest them and put them in jail forever, Rick fractured time again as a way to escape.

Here are screenshots from Season 2.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim

In Season 2 the time cop said “Your time is all ripped up to hell… You broke your time twice. How did this happen?” He then explained that he’s from the fourth dimension and can hear multiple dimensions simultaneously. He basically called Rick stupid for the way he was trying to fix his time problem.

According to the Rick and Morty wiki, the main time cop’s name is Shleemypants. His weapon is a slug creature named Chris (although Chris was killed in the Season 2 episode.) He’s been previously described as a parody of The Langoliers‘ time eaters.

So the time cops are very advanced, in some ways even beyond Rick (although he did outsmart one in Episode 2.)

Fans loved seeing the time cops again.

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Fans love callbacks to previous episodes, and Rick and Morty is really good at incorporating those types of Easter eggs.

It’s not clear when Episode 6 of Rick and Morty is going to air. The show will return with the last five episodes of Season 4 sometime in 2020, but it’s not clear at this time when that will happen. The show didn’t have a trailer or any indication after Episode 5 ended this week.


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