WATCH: Rapper Saucy Santana Shot In Miami

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Rapper Saucy Santana and two of his friends were victims of a drive-by shooting. Florida Highway Patrol officials say the incident took place near the entrance ramp to I-95 from Miami Gardens Drive around 4 a.m. on Wednesday.

NBC 6 reported that all three were shot after a Chevy sedan approached their Honda sedan and opened fire, shooting at their vehicle seven times.

The three victims were subsequently taken to Aventura Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, but initially, Santana refused medical assistance, and video captured the 26-year-old, in a state of panic after the shooting took place, screaming at authorities, “these people tryin to kill me!”

In the video, which quickly went viral on Twitter, Santana resists treatment, even though he was shot in the shoulder. “Tell them to leave. Tell them to go. Get me a bandaid and let’s go home.”

Later on, Santana explained that he believed that he was shot at because he’s a recording artist. He yelled, “I’m a rapper. Like I’m a celebrity.”

While the identities of the two other victims have not been released, Santana, who was in Miami scouting locations for his next music video, told NBC 6 from the hospital, “I’m lucky, blessed to be alive. I got shot in the top of my shoulder, you was aiming at my face or at my head, that’s an instant kill.”

His representation, K Daniel Talent Management, said in a statement, “Saucy Santana wants to thank everyone for the calls and support.”

Saucy Santana Is An Openly Gay Rapper

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Santana couldn’t help but assume that what appeared to be a random drive-by, was actually a hate crime. “It happened out of nowhere, so we could have been ran off the road, anything,” Santana said to NBC 6. “We could have been dead. You have people that have their own motives, and everybody isn’t going to be accepting of the type of artist that I am.”

The Tallahassee artist explained his rap moniker to Office online, “Before I was a rapper, I was a trapper. That’s one of the names that the boys from the hood gave me. They used to call me Santana. Then my cousin used to be like, I love the way you dress, you look so saucy. So I collabed them together. It has that ring to it, huh?”

Santa has slowly risen to fame with his singles, “Walk Em Like a Dog” and “Material Girl,” and he’s amassed nearly half a million followers on Instagram.

When it comes to his personal style, Santana enjoys the finer, designer things in life. He said, “I love Chanel bags, I love Gucci sandals, I love Valentino perfume, I love Adidas, I love Nikes, I love Jordans, so you know I like a lot of the ‘in’ fashion labels. It reflects in my music style too.”
Describing his rap style Santana added, “My music style is very like—me living in Florida for a long time, I just have a very Miami, very south Florida sound. We all kind of like to rap about the same things. But it still reflects me—a lot of my music is my real life. The things that I talk about in my music are actually real life examples that I’ve been through.”

As for his favorite fellow rappers in the game he said, “Gucci Mane. I love Gucci Mane, I like 21 Savage, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Da Baby, Rick Ross, Moneybagg Yo, Meg the Stallion, that’s a lot.”

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