Who Is Stephan Alexander’s Girlfriend on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant?

Stephan Teen Mom Young and Pregnant

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Kayla Sessler, from Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, had her first son Izaiah with her ex-boyfriend Stephan Alexander. Although Alexander seemed to be out of the picture for a while, he has recently returned to the show, bringing the drama of his new relationship along with him.

The official synopsis for the next episode of TMY&P, entitled “Beyond Calm,” reads “Kayla and Luke have a gender reveal; Stephan takes his girlfriend to Florida; Ashley and Bar are not on the same page about their status; Rachel’s birthday doesn’t go exactly as she plans; Brianna goes to the emergency room.” So, who is Stephan’s girlfriend, and is the couple here to stay on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant? Here’s what we know so far:

Stephan’s Girlfriend’s Name Is Madison, & Kayla Knows Her

According to Starcasm.net, in October 2018, Sessler replied back to a fan who shared photos of Stephan and his new girlfriend on Twitter. The fan wrote “I guess she didn’t care that he beat Kayla… really sad she will probably go through it next.” In response, Sessler wrote “Crazy because she was there when it happened and saw the whole thing.” Although her response didn’t identify the girl by name, it does imply that she new both Stephan and Kayla before they split.

Earlier this season, Stephan revealed that his new girlfriend’s name is Madison, and Kayla confirmed in an on-camera confessional that Madison has history with Stephan and Kayla from when they were still together. She said “The three of us have a lot of history together. That’s actually the girl Stephan had cheated on me with.”

Kayla continued, elaborating on her distaste of her ex-baby daddy’s new girlfriend: “My big issue with her is that when I was pregnant, me and her got into it and she said that she was gonna beat my ass and make me have a miscarriage.”

Kayla Was Unhappy With Stephan’s Relationship During Season 2 Episode 9 of ‘TMY&P’

During the December 3 episode, Kayla and her new boyfriend Luke, with whom she had her second child, enjoyed some sweet moments as a family during their gender reveal; however, it wasn’t all drama-free for Kayla. During the episode, she was bothered by the fact that Stephan took Madison on a vacation in spite of the fact that he hasn’t been paying Izaiah’s monthly child support.

One fan of the show went to Twitter to comment on Madison’s involvement in the December 3 episode, and the tweet caught Kayla’s attention, provoking a response.

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