Teen Mom 2 Canceled or Renew: When is There a Season 10?

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The Teen Mom franchise has been a big winner for MTV, yet the network remains quiet on the odds of another season of Teen Mom 2. The decision to extend season 9 caught some off-guard as they prepared for a possible renewal. Instead, the extension has reached into a two-part reunion special.

Jade Has Been a Polarizing Presence

Jade Cline became one of the most talked about cast members to ever appear on a Teen Mom series. It seems like everyone who watches the show has an opinion on Cline, and that extends to those who have previously starred in the MTV franchise. Farrah Abraham, herself a controversial figure for the franchise, talked to the media outlet Too Fab about Cline’s own problems with a sex toy giveaway on Instagram and how it would affect the newcomer to the series. “You know, I’ve already, I have a whole sex and wellness line, novelty line. So I don’t think anything tops my controversy of sexual health and wellness,” Abraham said. She also went on to imply even more about Cline’s presence on the series. “Oh is everyone a star who’s a Teen Mom fan and gets on the show?”

The Season 9 reunion also saw Cline have a confrontation with former cast members. As producers brought on Ashley Jones, the two had a heated exchange. “It seems Ashley wasn’t happy that Jade got on Teen Mom 2 and she came for her. A massive fight broke out and jade and Ashley almost got into a physical altercation. Ashley also tried fighting with the rest of her Young and Pregnant cast. Some of the girls began taking off their shoes and whatnot and security had to storm in. It was truly insane,” a source told Champion Daily in an exclusive interview.

Could Jenelle Be Coming Back?

The publicity surrounding Jenelle and her husband David Eason proved too much for producers. As the couple faced an outcry over animal abuse allegations and possible domestic issues surrounding the children, the couple disappeared from the series. Since then, it has been a barrage of stories chronicling the couple’s ups and downs. Some even pointed to them trying to get back on reality TV. All of the problems apparently became too much as Jenelle announced her separation and divorce from Eason. Of her comments on Instagram, she left fans with a few words on the time spent away from Teen Mom. “I know I need to make changes. I’m starting that now,” she wrote. All of that leads back the question of whether she’ll rejoin the cast at some point. It’s a topic that fans will be looking out for if the series gets a renewal.

One person who might be up for her return to the series is Kailyn. In a surprising statement to fans, the Teen Mom 2 star was interested in having Jenelle as a guest on her podcast. “For sure! I texted that in my group text with my producers … I just don’t have a way to contact her,” she wrote to a fan. While the two have not always been on good terms, the divorce from Eason may be what they need for a truce. It may also be important to Jenelle finding her way back to the series that made her famous.




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