‘The Expanse’ Season 4: Episode Lengths, Titles & Meanings

The Expanse Season 4

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Season 4 of The Expanse, now an Amazon original, is set to release on December 13 (although most fans are expecting it to release in the U.S. on the evening of December 12.) If you’re curious about the episode lengths, titles, or the meanings of some of the titles, here’s a look at what we know. There could be spoilers for Season 4 in the episode titles and meanings. 

‘The Expanse’ Season 4 Episodes Are About the Same Length as They Were on Syfy

Amazon released screeners early for Heavy to watch Episodes 1-6 of The Expanse Season 4. The episodes won’t be much longer than you’re used to seeing on Syfy. (It’s unclear as of the time of publication if Episodes 7-10 will be the same length as the first six.)

Episode 1 is 47:45, Episode 2 is 48:19, Episode 3 is about 46 minutes long, Episode 4 is 43:55, Episode 5 is 45:23, and Episode 6 is 48:28. So, for the most part, the episodes aren’t a lot longer than their counterparts on Syfy from previous seasons. However, so much is packed into each episode that you might legitimately feel like the episodes are much longer than they are. You won’t want to look away for a second.

All 10 episodes for Season 4 will be released at once.

Episode Titles

IMDb has released a full list of all 10 episode titles for Season 4. This is subject to change, since IMDb isn’t always accurate, but here is what is listed. The same titles are also listed on The Expanse Wiki.

There could be minor spoilers in terms of some of the title meanings. 

Episode 1: New Terra

Episode 2: Jetsam

Jetsam refers to material thrown overboard from a ship or that has washed ashore. Sometimes it’s thrown overboard to make a vessel lighter.

Episode 3: Subduction

Subduction is the sideways, downward movement of the edge of a plate that is within the Earth’s crust. It refers to when one plate moves under another, according to Wikipedia.

Episode 4: Retrograde

Retrograde means moving backward or going back in either position or time. “Apparent retrograde” refers to a planet that’s moving in the opposite direction of other bodies in the same system.

Episode 5: Oppressor

Episode 6: Displacement

Episode 7: A Shot In The Dark

Episode 8: The One-Eyed Man

Episode 9: Saeculum

According to Merriam-Webster, saeculum means: “a period of long duration.”

The Oxford Classical Dictionary has more interesting information on the word. It says: “In Roman conceptions of time, the saeculum became the longest fixed interval, calculated as a period of 100 or 110 years… The term originally indicated a ‘generation’ or ‘lifetime,’ but greater significance developed through its association with the Ludi Saeculares (Secular Games), which were performed to celebrate the advent of a new saeculum in Rome.” Over time, the word began to reference the “present age” of a world as opposed to heaven or an eternal realm.

The word was first used by the Etruscans and it meant the period of time from the moment something happened (like the founding of a new city) until the moment when everyone who had experienced that moment had died, according to Wikipedia.

Episode 10: Cibola Burn

“Cibola Burn” is also the title of the fourth book in the series. Alex says in the book: “So, that’s it, huh? We’re all just some sorta Cibola Burn?”

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