Is ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’ on TV Tonight?

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The Great Christmas Light Fight is scheduled to air tonight with a special two-hour presentation. It all begins at 8pm EST/PST on ABC. The series is a light-hearted reality competition that is based on the obsession of big, bold, and colorful holiday displays. It brings families around the United States together to compete for the best presentation. The winner receives a prize of $50,000. Former Trading Spaces carpenter Carter Oosterhouse teams up with Taniya Nayak.

Fast Company reviewed the new season and addressed critics who might not see the point in the series’s colorful decorations. “A cynic might argue that the grand displays of excess are unnecessary, or that the prize money could be put to more effective use (at a charity, for instance). But the care and mechanics behind each display are awe-inspiring—it all goes way beyond your average string of Christmas lights hanging from a window or porch,” wrote Starr Rhett Rocque. “This is extravagance executed by ordinary people who have figured out that creating a dazzling light display is the perfect way to spread joy.’ It’s a point that has made the series a ratings favorite and even led to rebroadcasts on services such as Pluto TV and Buzzr.

A Family Who Give Back to Charity Competes Tonight

Tonight sees Michigan’s first contestants on the series as the The Nagys come up with their own brand of Christmas cheer. The family already had a reputation for light displays that brought attention from visitors as well as local residents. Over a decade of work on the design gave them a good idea of what producers were looking for. When a sudden change to the schedule offered a chance to compete, they were prepared.

“I knew I wanted to learn how to do this and get all the technology for it and once I did, the disease set in and it hasn’t stopped. This isn’t something you can just do on the side. You have to have a passion for it,” Kevin Nagy told The Oakland Press. It’s has become more than just a fun holiday event for the family. They have also turned this season display into a major charitable event for the Michigan Humane Society.

Carter Oosterhouse Has Been Impressed by This Season’s Competition

Oosterhouse already knew what it takes to put presentations like this together as a carpenter and handyman on home improvement series. When it comes to the designs and level of artistry, the host has been impressed with this season’s competitors. “As a DIY person myself, I want to learn from what these people are doing with these fantastic Christmas displays, and then bring it home and try it myself,” he told KTUL. In the interview, he reflected on an upcoming contestant’s choice of vintage decorations to update the motif and move away from the usual high-tech creations. “What Ben has done here is something I haven’t seen. Not to this level before. It’s always great when someone can do something different, something the judges haven’t seen before, something that impresses us and opens our eyes. So far, what I’ve seen, it’s definitely impressive,”he said.

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