‘The Masked Singer’ Elimination Predictions: Who Will Be Eliminated Tonight?

The Masked Singer Eliminated

FOX THE MASKED SINGER: The Fox in the all-new “A Pain in the Mask” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Tuesday, Dec. 10.

Although The Masked Singer season 2 normally airs new episodes on Wednesday nights, Fox is airing two episodes this week, which means that fans of the show get to enjoy a new episode tonight, Tuesday, December 10. At the end of that episode, another character will be unmasked.

There are 6 contestants left in the competition, and all 6 will be performing against one another tonight. The final 6 are the Flamingo, the Rottweiler, the Thingamajig, the Fox, the Tree, and the Leopard. After tonight, there will be 5 semifinalists left, and only one episode before the season 2 finale.

At this point in the competition, all of the contestants are extremely strong competitors, but while it could be anyone’s game, we’re pretty sure the final 3 in the finale will be the Flamingo, the Rottweiler, and the Thingamajig. If we’re correct, that means that, between tonight’s episode and tomorrow, Wednesday, December 11’s double elimination episode, the Tree, the Leopard, and the Fox will be eliminated.

So, who do we think is most likely to be eliminated tonight, and who do we think will get to avoid their unmasking until tomorrow’s episode airs? Let’s break it down for you.

The Tree

Of all the contestants still in the competition, the Tree is the weakest performer and will likely be eliminated at the end of episode 10. Although it would be sad to see any of the other contestants go first, there is a chance she makes it one more episode, especially since The Masked Singer‘s holiday episode airs the following night.

Since the Tree was designed with Christmas in mind, it would make sense for the producers to want to keep the Tree in the competition at least through the Holiday episode so that her presence can enhance and play up the festive theme of the night.

The Leopard

If the Tree is not eliminated in episode 10, we guess that the Leopard will be the one who gets unmasked. That’ not to say the Leopard isn’t an excellent performer with a talented singing voice, the Leopard has just received less attention from the judges and in promotion this season than the other remaining contestants.

There are a handful of good, educated guesses circulating about the Leopard’s celebrity identity; however, we believe there’s a good chance that Billy Porter is the star behind the mask.

The Fox

Although the Fox is a great competitor and could make it all the way to the end and win the trophy, his performances haven’t been quite as strong as the Flamingo, Thingamajig, and Rottweiler. Without outside fan voting (which doesn’t exist since the show was pre-taped), the fan-favorite can’t be rescued from elimination if the judges and in-studio viewers determine it is his turn to exit the season.

While we won’t know for certain who is behind the Fox mask until the character is eliminated and unmasked, the top guesses for his celebrity identity are Wayne Brady and Jeremy Renner. You can read about why we think the Fox could be Jeremy Renner here.