Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are one of country music’s most beloved couples. Separately, the two are stars with hits albums as well as sold out concert tours. Together, they have managed to have a personal life, be a part of Brooks’ three daughters’ lives, maintain successful musical careers, and contribute to various charities.

The path to romance was not easy for the pair. After first meeting in the 1980s, it would remain just a friendship until Brooks divorced his first wife, Sandy Mahl, in 2001. After that, the pair would maintain a low profile until their engagement in 2005. Brooks, who was in retirement at the time, would later change his mind and hit the road again for a popular concert tour and various specials. Yearwood, who still performs and releases albums, took time off to see her own side industry grow with cooking-related products.

Here’s what you need to know about Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood:

1. The Couple Are Dedicated to Charitable Causes and Philanthropy

Long before Brooks and Yearwood were a couple, they were active in helping out charities throughout the world. Both would donate their time, talents, and monetary assistance as they promoted the causes that meant the most to each artist. That sentiment only grew stronger when they became husband and wife.

Habitat for Humanity has been one of their most talked-about charities. Yearwood spoke about their commitment during an interview for the charity. “We knew Habitat built houses, but we didn’t know the whole piece about it being a hand up, not a handout. And how you work side by side with the homeowner and the sweat equity they put in,” she said of their initial interest in Habitat projects. “We just fell in love with the physical labor — Garth and I really like to build. I’m a little tomboy daughter, the son my dad never had. We were hooked.’

In addition to Habitat, the husband and wife team also work with charities that promote social and health related issues. For Brooks, his charitable endeavors extend to Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, Project Clean Water, Smiles for Life, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Teammates for Kids, and United Way. While Yearwood supports many of the same charities as her husband, she also works with Make-A-Wish Foundation, National Woman’s History Museum, Sears’ Heroes at Home, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

2. They Try to Spend As Much Time Together As Possible

Family is important for this country music pair. Though they may keep a high profile, both make a commitment to spending as much time together as possible. “We made a conscious effort when we got married not to be apart,” Yearwood told Parade. “Garth was retired but I wasn’t. So when I moved to Oklahoma I cut my tour dates way down. Then I eventually didn’t tour. That’s how my cookbook began.”

Brooks may have been retired at the time but Yearwood was still actively touring and released hit albums. For her, taking off was a big change that led to her finding other outlets. One of the most popular has been her cooking venture. Be it a cookbook or cooking special, her work in the kitchen has been bringing in new fans and entertaining long-time listeners.

With Brooks now back to touring, the couple continue the sentiment of staying together as much as possible. Yearwood has even performed with her husband at times. They both actively show fans how close they remain through social media accounts on sites like Instagram and Twitter. The pair is also seen at major events like the CMA awards.

3. They First Met in the 1980s

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While many fans might assume that the pair met after Brooks has divorced his first wife, the actual first meeting of the two came long before that. In 1987, the unknown performers would meet as they worked on demo tracks. It was far from a well paying job, but one that gave both a chance to get their names out there.

The first meeting became more complicated as the recently married Brooks would feel more connected to Yearwood than either would have wanted. He would say during an interview with Ellen Degeneres that it was “like when you just meet your wife.” Yearwood herself expanded on the sentiment when she spoke with Parade.”It was probably the minute I met him, even though I didn’t know it at the time. I just think we’re meant to be,” she said.

As he worked to maintain his marriage to wife Sandy, the performer would continue to maintain a friendship with Yearwood. They worked together on various projects, including some of Brooks’ most famous albums. The friendship continued to grow, even as the two toured together in the 1990s. At that time, Yearwood was the opening act.

4. Brooks Proposed to Yearwood in 2005

As Brooks continued his retirement from the music industry, he went through a divorce. It was during that time that he would be confronted with caring for his three daughters. As someone that had spent much of his time away from the family, Brooks himself admitted this was a much different world. His romance with Yearwood would grow during this period and he cited her as a help with his changing situation.

The couple kept their romance away from public attention, only making a few appearances. When Brooks was ready to propose to Yearwood, he chose a very important occasion that featured over 7000 spectators in attendance. Brooks was honored with one of several bronze busts at Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace. Before he could receive the honor in Bakersfield, California, he had one request. His bust needed a special detail that later meant something special to both himself and Yearwood.

At the ceremony 2005, Yearwood accompanied Brooks to see the big unveiling. What she would find in the bronze bust was an engagement ring engraved into its design. It was his way of proposing to her in front of the entire event. He made the proposal official and she would accept on the spot.

5. Yearwood Has a Great Relationship With Brooks’ Daughters

Becoming a part of Garth Brooks’ life also meant Yearwood became a part of his daughters’ lives. For the performer, she sought her future husband’s advice. “Garth gave me good advice in the beginning: Don’t try to be their mom and don’t try to be their best friend, you’ll find your way,” Yearwood said during an interview with People. “And I think I did with each of them. They’re just lovely young women,” she added.

For Brooks, he also saw his daughters‘ commitment to the new part of their family. The singer told Kelly Clarkson of his daughter’s response to everything. “It was great. We were at the dinner, all three of them,, and it was a really tight conversation. I’m nervous, and I finally worked up the courage to say, ‘Let’s get married,’ and they were all fine with it. And I said, ‘You’ve got to take care of her,’ and I’m waiting for something intelligent to come back,” Brooks said. According to the singer, one of his daughter responded with “We’ve got your back, bra strap!”

US Weekly reported the singer has also spoken about the parental relationship established between himself, the girls’ mother Sandy, and Yearwood. ‘She didn’t have children either, so we were kind of the blind leading the blind,” Brooks told an interviewer. “But I will say, I’d never wished divorce on anybody, but [for us,] three children and three parents worked really well, especially since the three girls were all tomboys. So they were all at soccer, track and field, softball and never ever did one of those kids take the field where at least one parent wasn’t in the stands.”