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Ty England


Ty England is one of Garth Brooks‘ original bandmates, and tonight, he will be featured as part of a two-part biography special about the bestselling solo artist of all time. Garth Brooks: The Road I’m On will sit down with a number of country stars, from Keith Urban to James Tayler and George Strait, to chronicle Brooks’ musical career and 14-year hiatus to raise his daughters, who will also be interviewed tonight.

What do we know about Ty England’s life? Who is he, and does he still keep in contact with Brooks? Read on.

1. He Met Brooks at a Coffee Shop at Oklahoma State University

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Ty England and Garth Brooks met at a coffee shop while the two were students at Oklahoma State University. Wide Open Country reveals that the two were roommates and bonded over playing music together. England intended on majoring in marketing. He tells The Chicago Tribune, “I knew marketing was the safest degree for me to have to fall back on something if music didn’t pan out.”

Under the advisement of his parents, England left school early and eventually began working at an automotive paint store. It wasn’t until 1988, when he got a call from Brooks about a recording contract in Nashville, that the two worked together again.

Brooks called up England and asked him to join his band with England playing guitar and singing backup. Even though the offer was hard to pass up, England didn’t accept right away. “I told him I wanted to think about it… I had taken a job there in Oklahoma City, and it was tough, because my mom and dad weren’t wanting to watch Baby Boy move away. But the next morning I gave two weeks’ notice, and two weeks later I was a Nashvillian. I moved in with Garth and Sandy.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, England played guitar behind Brooks for seven years.

2. He Embarked on a Solo Career in the ’90s

Is That YouTy England – Is That You Produced by Garth Brooks – RCA Records Like Ty's fan page at facebook.com/tyenglandmusic Follow Ty on Twitter @tyenglandmusic2013-01-24T23:54:52.000Z

Around 1995, England embarked on solo career. He’s quoted by CMT as saying, “I felt I needed to get away from Garth so I could earn credit and wings on my own… I realized that no matter what I had done, it was going to be ’because Garth had helped…”

He subsequently released his self-titled debut album with RCA Records. One year later, England released a second album, called “Two Ways to Fall”. In 1999, he left his label and signed with Capitol Records.

Brooks has, in the past, commented on his friend’s talents. He’s quoted as saying of England that he is “probably the most talented person I had ever been around–and that perception still stands true today.”

3. England Released an Album in 2007

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England took a hiatus in the early 2000s. It wasn’t until 2007 that he released the album Alive and Well and Livin’ the Dream. The album included the songs “Redneck Anthem” and “The Perfect Girl”. He says of the former, “{It} shows where I came from… I really feel it when I sing a line like ‘…I’ll forever stand up for the red, white and blue.’ And I think a lot of citizens feel exactly the same way.”

On his website, England writes that the songs on Alive and Well and Livin’ the Dream range from “soulful to rough and ready.”

He goes on to write, “The album reflects the wide-open spaces and free-loving spirit of Oklahoma and Texas, including ‘Texans Hold ‘Em,’ a swinging tribute to Texas women that topped the Texas music charts for eight consecutive weeks beginning in December 2006.”

4. He Is Married to Justina Cardoza

Tyler England – I'd Rather Have NothingAlbum: Highways & Dance Halls Label: Capitol Released: November 21, 2000 Available at Amazon.com: goo.gl/3ACPA52013-08-17T05:15:56.000Z

England is married to Justina Cardoza. The pair met in Boise, Idaho. Speaking about the first time they met, The Boot quotes England as saying, “I can’t explain it, but I knew during that first conversation that Justina and I would become good friends… Sure, she was beautiful, but it was far more than that. There was an instant mental connection and I knew I wanted to know more about her.”

The outlet shares that England has four children from a previous marriage. They go on to quote England as saying of his wife, “Justina is the love of my life… It was a revelation to have a relationship start as nothing more than a friendship but then turn into a love affair. I am blessed to be married to a woman who loves me, loves my children, and supports my dreams. I hope everyone will have the good fortune to find the ‘Justina’ in their lives. But back off, boys … this one’s mine!”

5. He Says He Knows He Will ‘Never Walk Out from Under the Shadow of Garth Brooks’

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England was born and raised in Oklahoma and started playing guitar as a young boy. He taught himself how to play on his grandfather’s guitar.

In high school, he honed his skills by learning to sing in the school choir.

In his interview with Fuse Visual, England shared, “I know that I will never walk out from under the shadow of Garth Brooks… The mountain is way too tall. Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to use Garth for everything I can to get where I’m going. But I’m certainly not going to deny him the possibilities to help me whenever he makes an opportunity available. Garth’s always really believed in me and my music, and he inspired me to do this.”

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