Vikings Season 6 Cast & Spoilers on the Characters

Vikings Season 6

History Channel/YouTube "Vikings" airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on the History Channel.

Vikings is back for a final season on the History Channel. This drama, grounded in history, takes a fictional look at the men and women who made them legendary. Both brutal and beautiful, the series has amassed a worldwide following of fans ready for the adventure. The last season is split, giving viewers a mid-season finale with the remaining 10 episodes set to air later in 2020.

This Season’s Cast Brings Fans Favorites and New Additions to the Lineup

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Today we reflect upon the reign of Ivar the Boneless: a tyrant to some, to others a God. In the early days of his rule, Ivar began to impose a harsh dominion over Kattegat. Meanwhile, his brothers Bjorn and Ubbe fled to England with Lagertha and Torvi and formed a tenuous alliance with King Alfred. Soon Ivar married a former slave who miraculously became pregnant with the impotent King’s child. In England, Torvi and Ubbe pledged their faith to the Christian God to maintain their alliance with Alfred, losing the trust of Bjorn in the process. In Kattegat, Hvitserk grew wary of his brother’s tendencies as King. Emboldened by his wife, Ivar declared himself a God. In Wessex, King Alfred discovered a plot against his throne on the eve of a battle against King Harald’s raiding army. After helping Alfred to defeat Harald, Bjorn deserted to offer his aid to King Harald in return for his help taking back Kattegat. Ivar’s son was born but did not survive the early days of his infancy. In hopes of raiding England, Ivar sent Hvitserk to align with King Olaf the Stout. However, Hvitserk, having grown to loathe his brother, betrayed Ivar and begged Olaf to help him invade Kattegat. Thus, two great armies – one lead by Harald and Bjorn, the other by Olaf and Hvitserk – marched on Kattegat. Though Ivar’s defenses were strong, he was eventually defeated. He murdered his wife, who had let the invading forces into the city, and fled. . . #IvarTheBoneless #BjornIronside #Lagertha #Ubbe #Hvitserk #SonsOfRagnar #KingHarald #Floki #Kattegat #Norway #VikingsOnHistory

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Katheryn Winnick: Lagertha

Lagertha is choosing a new path for her life, but not everything is going to be so easy for this strong woman. The actress behind this popular character has her own thoughts on how the final season treats the former shield maiden. “We’ve seen her, like the queen, we’ve seen her being a farmer, shield maiden, fight wars. And this chapter really, she’s kind of gone back to her roots and wants to simplify her life,” the actress told People. More than just a new chapter in her life, the actress also thought about a particular part of the trailer.“You’ve seen the trailers that she’s buried her own sword and really says that she’s no longer a shield maiden anymore. Now I think, she herself is trying to redefine her final chapter and find her purpose.”

Gustaf Skarsgard: Floki

Fans of the series already know that Floki would be coming back thanks to early trailers. The character is getting his own special as well to help usher in a new season. The Saga of Floki offers the first glimpse of what happened to the character since the season 5 episode “What Happened in the Cave”. The results of his fate might not be so clear, but the actor behind the role is still ready for viewers to see what comes next. Who’s ready for season six? Floki might not have made it out of the cave but I’m as excited as the rest of you to follow the fates of all the other characters! Hail King Björn!” he wrote on Instagram.

Alexander Ludwig: Bjorn Lothbrok

Bjorn starts out the season finding himself in an unenviable leadership role. It’s a challenge that only continues to cause issues as he finds a lack of support from his mother. That dynamic is something that fans can expect to see transformed as the series goes forward. Ludwig, the man who portrays Lothbrok, may not be done with the Viking myths. When asked by CityNews about the possibilty of participating in spin-offs or other related media, the actor seemed ready. “And I know that there’s talks about doing other versions of stuff with the show,” he revealed of already announced projects.. “So who knows — maybe one day I’ll get to revisit,” he added.

Andrei Claude: Ganbaatar 

Among the holdovers, Claude is a newcomer to the franchise. He’s been keen on keeping fans up to date about what to expect from the series. Behind the scenes photos have revealed details concerning who might be sharing scenes with his character. Claude spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet before the premiere episode. “Ganbaatar is the captain of the Rus Vikings’ army and also Prince Oleg’s right-hand man,”the actor said of his character’s place in the series.

The New Season Changes Everything for Popular Characters

The series may be in the final stretch of its run, but it refuses to stop introducing new characters. In the season premiere, viewers are introduced to Prince Oleg of Novgorod. He’s set to run directly into the path of Ivar and the two could become a force in this world. As plans go forward,  Oleg is set to take over not only the country itself, but the religion that sits in his way. First though, Ivar is set for a test that will prove once and for all if he’s worthy of the distinctions previously set.

For Bjorn, all may not be well either. Anyone who has seen the first trailers for the new season could tell that the king is in very real danger. With signs pointing to death, it’s up for debate whether he dies or has another idea for fleeing the danger. Without the help of his mother, he might be in need of a way to leave it all behind.

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