‘Watchmen’ Season 2: Here Are All the Rumors We Know So Far


Season 1 of Watchmen is ending tonight, but will we get a second season? HBO hasn’t said yet if Watchmen is renewed for a second season or not. Here’s what we know so far.

Lindelof Envisioned ‘Watchmen’ as a One Season Show, but a Director Said There’s Plenty of Content for a Second Season


Damon Lindelof has said in a couple of interviews that he has always viewed Watchmen as being a one-season show. But a Watchmen director has said that she believes there is plenty of content for a second season.

Lindelof said during New York Comic Con that Watchmen was envisioned as a one-season standalone series and would not leave any cliffhangers or loose ends. He said the essential mystery will be resolved but “obviously there is a potential promise for further exploration of the world… Does that mean that there isn’t going to be anymore Watchmen? Not necessarily. Does that mean that I will be working on subsequent seasons of Watchmen? I don’t know is the answer to that question.”

So at that point in time, he was open to the idea of a second season, but intended for the first season to be a self-contained story.

Lindelof talked with Metro and said there could be one or two questions they don’t answer this season, but they aren’t central mysteries. He said they didn’t save any ideas for a second season. “There’s a fair amount of hubris in planning multiple seasons of a television show in this day and age,” he told Metro. At the point of that interivew, he said that he didn’t have any major ideas for a second season.

However, director Nicole Kassell told Business Insider that there is plenty of content for a second season, possibly more. “I think it would be delicious and wonderful to see.” She said how the audience reacts to the first season will help determine if there’s a second.

Fans Are Finding Hope in the ‘Season Finale’ Phrasing & Lindelof Is Now Giving More Hope

Meanwhile, fans are finding hope in the fact that HBO is referring to tonight’s episode as a “season finale” rather than just a finale.

Even the description for tonight’s episode reads that way. It says: “Season 1 finale. Everything ends—for real this time.” Fans see that as a good sign.

And the Watchmen Twitter account today reads: “Nothing ever ends…”

This is giving fans a lot of hope that there will indeed be a second season.

And Lindelof himself is giving some more hope in more recent interviews. He told Collider that he and the producers are going to meet up again after the holidays to discuss the show’s future. “We’re all planning on taking a breath over the holidays and seeing where to go from there… If the idea is right, and if there is a compelling reason to do it, then I’d consider it. I haven’t had that idea yet.” 

Lindelof even told Paste that the show might go on without him because it’s not “his” story. “The idea that someone else could come along and do another season of Watchmen, that’s really exciting to me too. I would watch the f*** out of that. These nine episodes are sort of everything that I have to say at this point about Watchmen, and then we’ll kind of go from there.”

Meanwhile, director Stephen Williams told Variety that the question was above his pay grade, but Regina King (who stars as Angela) said that she was absolutely interested in a second season. Lindelof told Variety that he still has no idea what would be in a second season, but he’s deeply appreciative of how much fans like the show.

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