When Does ‘This Is Us’ Return?

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This Is Us is currently on its holiday hiatus, and fans will have to have to wait to see what’s going to happen next. Season 4, Episode 10 of This Is Us returns on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. 

The next episode of the season teases a “special guest and one unbelievable moment” that may relate to Kate and Toby’s marriage. In a preview for the episode, Kate tells Toby, “I think you’re pulling away,” and he responds with a look of resignation.

What else do we know about the back half of the season? Read on to find out.

Rebecca’s Illness Will Soon Be Revealed

Another big event that could come to a head in the 10th episode of season 4 is Rebecca’s visit to a doctor. In the latest Thanksgiving episode, Rebecca came to terms with the fact that she needs to see a medical professional. All viewers have gotten in terms of spoilers for Rebecca is a flash of her in the waiting room at the hospital with Randall and Miguel, so it’s unclear how that will pan out.

In a November interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Isaac Aptaker said that while they aren’t giving an exact diagnosis just yet as to Rebecca’s illness, it’s likely going to fall into the Alzheimer’s/dementia category. He shares, “So many people in the writers’ room have dealt with parents with various forms of, call it dementia, Alzheimer’s, what you will, and we felt like it’s a story that we haven’t seen a ton on network television. Those are always the areas where we are excited to explore them as storytellers, and where we find we get the biggest response from people reaching out, saying, ‘Thank you. I dealt with this with my father, I dealt with this with my mother. Thank you for reflecting this experience back to me.”

Asked if there will be an exact diagnosis by the end of the season, Aptaker says, “The reality is, it actually takes a bit of time and testing to come to a diagnosis. There’s not an instant blood test where they can tell you what’s wrong, but it’s something that we’re going to be exploring in the back half of the season with as much medical accuracy as possible.”

Is Kate and Toby’s Marriage In Jeopardy?

And what’s next for Kate and Toby? When the show returns, we’ll pick up with the pair’s marital issues. But fans are nervous about what could be in store. When we left off, Kate had found text messages with another woman in which Toby is complaining about his marriage. Asked if LadyKryptonite5 is about to play a significant role on the show, the executive producer answered, “When we come back in January, we’re going to right away deal with the aftermath of Kate discovering LadyKryptonite5 and trying to figure out what the hell that’s all about and who this woman is.”

Another Kate-related spoiler is that when the season returns, we’ll get the full picture of what went on between Kate and Marc. Aptaker says the “full trajectory” of their relationship will be revealed.

As Cheat Sheet points out, some fans of the show think that Rebecca and Miguel’s burgeoning love will parallel Kate and Toby’s dwindling romance. The outlet has referenced one fan who writes, “There is no way [Kate and Toby] are together in the future… This show [tries] to capture all the different family dynamics that exist. We haven’t had any primary character with a divorced family, sharing child custody, etc. I predict all of [season 5] being Kate’s divorce. This will parallel scenes with Miguel’s divorce as we learn more about him.”

Others have seconded that opinion. Be sure to tune in to This Is Us when the show returns on January 14 at 8pm ET/PT.

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