Where Do Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Live In Wyoming?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are among the most glamorous couples in the world, so it caught some fans off guard when they decided to leave their estate in Calabasas, California. The couple have relocated to Wyoming, where West has been recording music for his upcoming album. But where in Wyoming? What specific town do Kardashian and West live in?

The couple reside in Cody, Wyoming. According to Daily Beast, West purchased a 4,500-acre property formerly known as Monster Lake, which he converted into a home and personal studio. West initially wanted to buy property in Jackson Hole, but he found that there were no properties that matched his specifications. He traveled to Cody, which is only a few hours away from Jackson Hole, and found what he was looking for.

Kim Kardashian & West West Currently Live In Cody, Wyoming

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West told Beats 1 that he was hesitant to purchase the Cody property because he didn’t like the way it looked. “I was looking for a multi-thousand-acre property… to set up the Yeezy campus,” he said. “I was expecting something really green ’cause that’s what I was used to, so I didn’t like it when I first got here.” The rapper said that he ended up liking the color of the land, however, as he realized it matched the “Yeezy tones.”

West’s affinity for Wyoming dates back to 2018. He spent several months at a resort in Jackson Hole to record the album that would become Ye. A source close to the rapper said that “it was the perfect place to create his music.” West recorded parts of his last album, Jesus Is King, in Cody, and is currently working on another, Jesus Is Born, which is set for release on Christmas Day.

Mayor Matt Hall Says That West Has a Genuine Interest In the Town

West’s team reached out to Cody’s mayor, Matt Hall, shortly after his arrival. “I think he wanted to come in and say hi,” Hall explained. “He asked where would be a good place to have the Sunday Service. We gave him a few ideas, but ultimately he went with the [Buffalo Bill Center of the West].”

Hall went on describe West as “a pretty open and sincere individual” who was genuinely curious about the town’s history. “ He had a desire to talk about deeper subjects, what he could do to possibly help the town,” Hall recalled. “He seemed curious about what Cody is like, actually, from my perspective. I’ve been reached out by relatives on the west coast who still want me to call them back and talk about it.”

Cody was founded in 1896 and is named after its founder, Colonel William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody. It’s known as the “Rodeo Capital of the World,” and there are amateur wrangling competitions held during every night of the summer. The population is around 10,000.