‘AGT Champions’ Winners: Who Made It Through Tonight? 1/20/2020 Results

AGT Champions

NBC AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS -- "The Champions Three" Episode 203. Pictured: Tyler Butler-Figueroa

Episode 3 of America’s Got Talent: The Champions aired on Monday, January 20 at 8/7c on NBC. The episode featured 10 performances from acts that have competed on past seasons of the global “Got Talent” franchise; in the end, only 4 acts made it through to the semi-finals.

Whether you missed the episode when it aired or just want to recap the night’s events, here’s what happened and who made it through to the finals during episode 3 of AGT: The Champions:

BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW. This post will be updated live as the episode airs.

‘AGT Champions’ Episode 3 Recap

The 10 acts scheduled to perform in episode 3 were Michael Grimm, Duo Destiny, Quick Style, Moses Concas, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Miki Dark, V. Unbeatable, Ben Hart, Alexa Lauenburger, and Freckled Sky. For episode 3, Howie Mandel had the privilege of sending one act straight to the finals using the golden buzzer.

11-year-old Alexa Lauenburger was the first to perform with her 8 dogs. The German dog trainer won “Das Supertalent” in 2017. The audience and judges loved her sweet act, and her command over all 8 dogs and their tricks was truly impressive.

Violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa was next to perform, returning to the AGT stage after his run on America’s Got Talent 2019.

Ben Hart performed a magic act next using two gold bowls, while sharing a story about a ritual he witnessed in India. The magic doubled quantities of rice and, for the finale, transformed the rice into water. The judges were confused by the act and unimpressed by his finale.

Freckled Sky took the stage next, hoping to redeem themselves after only making it to the quarterfinals on America’s Got Talent season 10. Their multimedia dance performance told the story of puppets breaking away from their strings was visually stunning, but Cowell X-ed them during their performance, saying “I didn’t get it.”

Moses Concas, who won “Italy’s Got Talent,” told Simon before his performance that he thinks he could win the whole show. His act was a beatboxing harmonica performance that Cowell said he thought never got started. The judges agreed that the act didn’t rise to “champion” level, which they believed would make it hard for him to advance to the next round.

V. Unbeatable, who competed on America’s Got Talent 2019, performed next, reviving the energy of the episode after an underwhelming string of previous acts. They earned a standing ovation for their jaw-dropping performance. Mandel gave them his golden buzzer pick, catapulting the troupe into the finals.

Singer Michael Grimm, who won season 5 in 2010, performed next. The judges and audience alike loved his performance and his voice.

Duo Destiny, the gymnastic stunt and dance couple, delivered a shocking performance that had everyone at the edge of their seats.

Quick Style, the dance trio that choreographs for the Korean boy band BTS, delivered an act that, while perfectly in sync, led Mandel to X their performance just before it ended. He explained that, while they’re good dancers, they didn’t do anything that hasn’t been done many times on the show before.

The last performance of the night was Miki Dark. His danger act included participation from Heidi Klum and Terry Crews. The judges loved the horror and uniqueness of his magic act.

Who Made It Through to the Semifinals in Episode 3?

V. Unbeatable received the golden buzzer from Howie Mandel, which automatically secured them a place in the finals. That left three spots on the semifinals for the remaining 9 acts from episode 3.

When Freckle Sky, Duo Destiny, and Ben Hart came forward on the stage, it was announced that the super fans voted to send Duo Destiny to the semifinals; Ben Hart and Freckle Sky were eliminated.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa was also voted to the semifinals by the superfans.

In the end, the judges had to choose between Alexa Lauenburger, Quick Style, and Michael Grimms for the final semifinal spot of the night. Alesha, Howie and Simon all voted for Alexa Lauenburger, sending her to the semifinals.

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