‘AGT Champions’ – Who Made It Through Tonight? 1/13/2020

America's Got Talent 2019 Voting

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Terry Crews

America’s Got Talent continued the second season of The Champions on Monday. The reality series pits the best contestants from prior seasons against each other, in an effort to determine who is the best.

How did contestants fare during season 2 episode 2? Which contestants came up short and which came out on top to win the night and advance? We provided results and winners below:

Which Contestants Advanced During Episode 2?

Marcelito Pomoy, Marc Spelmann and Ryan Niemiller were the acts who advanced to the semi-finals during episode 2. The former two were voted through by fans, while Niemiller was unanimously voted through by the judges. These three join Boogie Storm, who won the Golden Buzzer earlier in the episode and are guaranteed a spot in the season 2 finals.

The first performer of the night was Marcelito Pomoy. The former Philippine’s Got Talent winner dazzled the judges with his vocal performance, and he received a standing ovation from the panel and the rest of the studio audience. Pomoy did not receive a single piece of criticism for his performance, and was instead complimented with superlatives like “brilliant.”

Oz Pearlman was given the unenviable task of following Pomoy, but the mentalist held his own. He performed an impressive trick that involved asking each of the judges to pick a day from their past, and then tying the numerical date of those days into the serial number of a dollar bill he had onstage. The judges felt that Pearlman’s presentation was immaculate, and the mentalist continued the episode’s strong opening run.

Boogie Storm was next up, and they gave an acrobatic performance set to a medley of pop hits. The panel were mixed on the performance, but Simon Cowell was adamant they get through, as he had previously given them a Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent. Despite the pushback of the other judges, Cowell hit the buzzer and sent the dance group straight to the finals.

Ben Blaque and Collabro were acts who previously competed on Britain’s Got Talent, but both struggled to get their footing. Blaque tried to incorporate Alesha Dixon into his routine, but his equipment failed to work, and the rest of the panel hit their red “X” buttons before he was done. Collabro fared a bit better with their cover of “Shallow,” from A Star Is Born, but the panel felt that the performance was underwhelming.

Puddles Pity Party performed a charming cover of “I Wanna Know What Love Is” by Foreigner, aided by a slideshow of puppies wearing Puddles crowns. Some of the puppies in the slideshow were owned by the judges, and they were visibly amused by the detail. Mandel called Puddles a “special” talent who deserved to be celebrated, but Alesha Dixon was more reserved in her praise. She questioned whether Puddles deserved to become a champion.

Marc Spelmann and Luke Islam were the next two performers to take the stage. The first was responsible for the oddest moment of the night, as he pulled off a mask to reveal that he was actually AGT winner Shin Lim. Islam attempted a cover of “Ashes” from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, but the judges largely panned his performance, saying that he was too nervous, and that the song was not the right fit for his vocal talents.

Spencer Horsman closed out the night with a daredevil escape act. He was dropped into a tank of water, and only gave himself 2 minutes to escape before the bottom of the tank broke and he would fall 30 feet. Horsman completed the act, and the judges, while not overly enthused, commended the suspense and showmanship that he brought to the stage.

Marcelito Pomoy and Marc Spelmann were voted through to the semi-finals, which left Spencer Horsman, Luke Islam and Ryan Niemiller as the acts who qualified for the judges vote. The judges ultimately went with Niemiller, meaning that Horsman and Isman were eliminated.

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