WATCH: V. Unbeatable’s AGT Champions Golden Buzzer Performance (VIDEO)

On America’s Got Talent: The Champions episode 3, V. Unbeatable received the golden buzzer for their performance from Howie Mandel, immediately securing them a place in the finals.

V. Unbeatable previously competed on season 14 of America’s Got Talent in 2019; they finished the competition in 4th place. When the dance and stunt group from Mumbai, India took the stage, judge Simon Cowell asked them if they thought they were going to win the show this time around. They said they were disappointed not to win season 14, but were considering AGT Champions to be their second chance at the title.

When it was time for them to perform, they had their audience’s full attention from the very start, and their act was even stronger since their last time on the AGT stage. Their dance was in-sync, their stunts got progressively more impressive as the routine went on, and the added element of a box suspended in the air, through which the performers could jump and perch, literally took their act to new heights.

After their performance, which earned a standing ovation, Mandel commended them for their act and for showing on the stage how much the AGT opportunity means to them. He told them to just sit back and enjoy the moment, before sitting on the golden buzzer and sending gold confetti raining down on the troupe’s members, who range in age from 12 to 27.

The 10 acts that performed in episode 3 were Michael Grimm, Duo Destiny, Quick Style, Moses Concas, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Miki Dark, V. Unbeatable, Ben Hart, Alexa Lauenburger, and Freckled Sky. After a surprisingly underwhelming night of performances, the judges applauded V. Unbeatable and said they were exactly what the show needed, and one of the best “Champions” performances yet.

V. Unbeatable Also Received a Golden Buzzer on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 14

While their AGT Champions golden buzzer moment was obviously an extremely meaningful one for V. Unbeatable, it was not their first time having that experience on the AGT stage. During the Judge Cuts round of America’s Got Talent season 14, guest judge Dwayne Wade chose to press his golden buzzer for the dance troupe, securing them a place in the season 14 final round of competition.

After their performance, Wade said “My heart is beating at a rapid pace that I haven’t felt before. As a former athlete there’s… 29 on the stage. I know the practice time it takes… I have this thing that whenever I hit a game winner, I’d jump up on the stand and say ‘this is my house,’ and today, on this stage. This is y’all’s house.”

V.Unbeatable Is Named After The Group’s Late Co-Founder

According to their NBC bio, the group was founded by Vikas and Om Prakash, and “was originally named Unbeatable. After a horrible accident during a group rehearsal, Vikas was injured and unfortunately passed away. The group renamed itself V.Unbeatable (for Vikas Unbeatable) in his honor and continued to pursue Vikas’ original dreams for the group.”

In Vikras’s honor, the group wears his name on the back of their routine outfits so that he’s with them every time they perform.

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