Alayah Talks Victoria F’s Dating History on ‘The Bachelor’

Victoria and Peter.

Twitter Victoria and Peter.

Tonight, the drama goes down between Alayah and Victoria F. when one of the two ladies exposes the other’s dating history.

How is that possible? Wasn’t Alayah voted off during last week’s episode? Read on for details.

Victoria F. Goes on a 1-On-1 With Peter

In order to understand the drama that unfolds, it’s worth starting with the one-on-one date between Peter and Victoria. The two head to Cedar Point where they go on rides and have a good time together with the entire park to themselves.

Then, they go to a country music concert with none other than Chase Rice as the performer. The problem with that? Fuller used to date Chase Rice. In fact, they were dating just before she came on the show.

Reality Steve writes, “Victoria Fuller had a past with Chase Rice. They were dating/hooking up prior to coming on the show. Heard she went to one of his concerts to see him a week before filming. Clearly she didn’t know who her musical performer was going to be until she walked up on the date, then you see the total embarrassment on her face.”

Alayah Makes Her Entrance

Victoria F. Confronts Alayah About Ex-Boyfriend Chase Rice – The Bachelor 2020The Bachelor Peter Weber Season 24 Episode 42020-01-24T18:23:03.000Z

After that’s all settled, Peter takes 13 women on a group date to the “Bachelor Bowl.” The women in attendance are Hannah Ann, Lexi, Mykenna, Deandra, Natasha, Victoria P., Tammy, Kelley, Sydney, Shiann, Kiarra, Savannah, and Madison.

After the day portion of the date, the women go to Windows on the River for the group date after-party. And in the words of Reality Steve “The group date after-party is where the madness happens.”

Alayah makes a grand (re)entrance and pulls Peter aside to tell him she’s there for him, and she was kicked off because he believed the false accusations of other women. In the end, she must have really convinced him, because he gives her the group date rose.

Unsurprisingly, this sets off the other women. While she’s mingling with the ladies, she also shares that Victoria Fuller has a history with Chase Rice and he performed at their one-on-one. (Reality Steve believes that during her day at home, and with access to a computer, she looked up what was going on.)

Once word gets back to Victoria that Alayah spilled the beans about her history with Rice, she pulls Alayah aside for what Reality Steve calls an “expletive-filled tirade,” during which she says it wasn’t her business to share her history with Rice with the other ladies.

During the conversation, Alayah tells Victoria F that she thought everyone knew. This really sets Victoria off, and she says, “No one has their phone here, so how would you expect people to know that? That’s something very personal to me, and the fact that you think it’s okay to go around to other girls and not come to me first is absurd… do you know see that’s stirring the pot? Which is why you had left in the first place. You’re manipulative.”

After that, things don’t go great for Alayah. And she ends up going home. Reality Steve believes she felt no one in the house was on her side after the whole Chase Rice incident went down, and that’s likely true.

Most recently, as Cosmopolitan points out, Rice opened up about a bad breakup that has inspired some recent music. It’s unclear if he’s talking about Fuller during the interview, but viewers are extremely curious if she’s the one involved in the “bad breakup”.

For now, we’ll have to tune into the show at 8pm ET/PT on ABC to see how the drama unfolds.

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