Alex Trebek’s Wife Jean Relies on Faith Amid Husband’s Cancer Fight

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In 2019, Alex Trebek revealed that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2019. He later shared that he was in remission as of May 2019, but the cancer eventually returned, which meant he needed to start treatment again.

Trebek’s wife of 29 years, Jean Currivan Trebek, spoke out in November 2019 for the first time since her husband’s diagnosis. In an exclusive interview with SurvivorNet, Jean, 54, discussed how she relies heavily on her faith to get her through the difficult times.

The ABC special “What is Jeopardy!? Alex Trebek and America’s Most Popular Quiz Show” airs on Thursday, January 2 at 8 p.m. ET. It is hosted by ABC News anchor Michael Strahan and will feature an exclusive interview at home with Alex and Jean Trebek. The cameras will also go backstage with Trebek as he prepares for taping, searches for new contestants and looks back at some iconic moments of Jeopardy!.

She Practices Religious Science

Jean and Alex Trebek


Jean practices Religious Science, a faith that uses sound healing, meditation, and Reiki as part of the practice. She is a member at the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science. Her website,, says that she is a professional religious science practitioner, Reiki Master and sound healer. She explains that she uses crystal bowls and her own voice in a major way. As a practitioner, she is qualified to give spiritual mind treatments.

“It’s like how when a mother sings a lullaby to her baby,” she told SurvivorNet. “It’s the intention in her voice that’s calming the baby. She’s singing the words of life and beauty to this little baby, and the baby feels that in the vibration of her voice.”

Jean has been practicing sound healing for 10 years, and she says it helps her stay grounded and positive during difficult times. Not only does she practice it, but she also leads others through those practices. She tells survivornet that the practices are personal pursuits to help her foster her own self-love, but that self-love can uplift those around her, including her husband.

She Co-Founded a Website to “Share the Good”

Jean co-founded, a website whose mission statement includes finding silver linings and encouraging kinder living. In a post on the website, Jean opens up about what it is like to be married to Alex and how this time has affected them. It goes along with what she said in an earlier promotional clip regarding the outpouring of love and support they’ve seen in the past year.

“During this time, I’m touched by the tremendous outpouring of affection for my husband by his fans,” she wrote. “We have received many mementos from well-wishers – baked goods, blankets, vitamins, holy water, CBD creams, letters, chocolates, prayer flags from Tibet, an oar from a rowing team, signed sports jerseys – a lot of thoughtful gifts.”

In a clip released prior to the ABC special, Jean is asked what the toughest part of her husband’s illness is for both of them.

“I think for me it’s when I see him in pain and I can’t help him,” she answers. “And when he doesn’t eat right. When he has too much diet soda.”

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