Angela & Michael Visa Update: Did Michael Get Approved?

Angela and Michael, 90 Day Fiance

TLC/Instagram Angela and Michael, stars of the hit reality series "90 Day Fiance."

Angela and Michael, veteran stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancéhave been dealing with issues regarding Michael’s K-1 visa throughout the latest season of the show. During an earlier episode of Season 7, Michael received the results of the K-1 visa interview that the reality couple had been preparing for over the last few years of their relationship, and he was sadly denied.

The emotional news left Michael in tears and Angela determined to get her fiance a visa, no matter the cost. During tonight’s episode of the show, Angela is hopping on a plane back to Nigeria to discuss their options for getting Michael an approved visa, so the two can start their lives together in the U.S.

Unfortunately, Angela may have to sacrifice having a wedding back home in the states with her family, friends and grandchildren if she wants to get Michael approved as quickly as possible. After speaking to respective immigration attorneys, the reality stars were informed that their best (and quickest) option to get Michael a visa would be to get married in Nigeria, which would help convince the U.S. immigration services that the two were in a legitimate, committed relationship.

So what’s going on with Angela and Michael today? Was Michael finally approved for his K-1 visa? Are the two married and living in the U.S.? Here’s what we know:

The Couple Was Advised to Tie the Knot in Nigeria

Micahe's Visa get Denied & Tells AngelaMichael gets rejected on his K1 Visa app. He's pretty bummed about that but Angela vow revenge.2019-12-26T08:05:44.000Z

While Angela was preparing for her trip back over to Nigeria, Michael met with his own immigration lawyer to discuss his options for appealing the denial of his K-1. However, Michael was advised against appealing his case because chances of his visa being accepted were apparently very slim.

“They hold the decision of the consulate officer in very high regard,” the immigration lawyer explained. “It will be very difficult for them to overturn that decision. So I would advise you to get married here and then apply for the K-3 spousal visa.”

The lawyer explained that Michael needed to convince the visa officer that his intentions of entering the U.S. were 100 percent genuine, so the lawyer suggested the two tie the knot while Angela was visiting him in Nigeria, which would help convince the officer that their relationship was legitimate.

Although it’s unclear at this time if the reality couple did manage to get Michael’s visa approved, Angela recently hinted on Instagram that she and Michael were going to be tying the knot very soon (so it appears they still aren’t married just yet). During a recent Cameo video, Angela gave a shoutout to a newlywed couple who are fans of the show. During the video, which can be viewed above, she congratulated the couple on their nuptials and said how happy she was for them. She added that she can’t wait for other people to start congratulating her and Michael on their marriage, which fans took to mean that the two are going to tie the knot very soon.

The reality star also posted another hint on her Facebook page that there might be wedding bells in the near future; according to Soap Dirt, she uploaded a screenshot of a popular wedding date prediction app, which stated that she would be marrying somebody whose name starts with an “m” on January 17, 2020. Although her post is far from proof that the two are getting married next week, fans believe she might be hinting at their looming nuptials.

It’s Unclear if Michael Was Approved at This Time

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It’s unclear if Michael was approved for any sort of U.S. visa (K-1, K-3 or otherwise) recently, but Angela has made it clear that she isn’t giving up on her relationship with Michael. She vowed to do whatever it takes to marry her Nigerian fiance and bring him to the U.S., and although she mentioned that she would rather be married in the states, with her friends and family present, she might have no choice but to marry Michael in his home country.

Michael took to his Instagram Stories in late December to provide fans with an update on his relationship with Angela. During the Q&A, Michael revealed he’s still in Nigeria for the time being, so it doesn’t look like they’ve worked out the finer details of his visa just yet.

“You all know now about the status of my visa… God knows the best… It’s okay. I’m over it. I’m over it. But it’s painful now,” Michael said during the four-minute long live video. When a fan asked Michael where Angela was, he replied, “I’m still in Nigeria. My visa was denied,” adding that fans should keep watching the show to see how things work out for the couple in the end.

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. EST on TLC to catch Angela and Michael on 90 Day Fiancé and see how their love story plays out in the end. Also, don’t forget to check out this author’s profile for all of your 90 Day Fiancé coverage, and more!

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