‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Episode 2 Live Spoilers & Recap

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Season 24 of The Bachelor got off to a fast start with its three-hour premiere last week. Bachelorette Hannah Brown appeared not once but twice, the second time crying while she and Peter Brown talked about their feelings for one another.

It’s up in the air if she’ll be disrupting the season further. Host Chris Harrison tells us that the production team thought Hannah and Peter made for “riveting” television and that he thinks Hannah is a “trainwreck” in the most beautiful way.

Harrison also dished the dirt on the flash-forward the show teased us with for the finale, which he calls “gut-wrenching.” Apparently, Peter is in for some news that “turns everything on its head.”

For now, follow along with our live recap of episode 2, airing from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. All times Eastern.

8:07 — We pick back up with Hannah and Peter and all their crazy drama. They really don’t know what to do. It feels like they just want to start making out, right? Like, the sexual tension is palpable. Meanwhile, the other women are all wondering WTF is going on, just hoping that their bachelor hasn’t run off with Hannah while they all sit around and write out their sex stories.

8:10 — Peter and Hannah basically just say goodbye and hug and she leaves. Um, that doesn’t feel resolved at all! Does anyone feel like the finale twist is going to be that Peter and Hannah get back together? She’s not with Jed from her season (we all know how that ended) and she’s not dating her Dancing With the Stars partner. Soooooo…. maybe?

8:17 — Peter is so thrown from his time with Hannah that he calls off the group date, at least for the afternoon. He says he’ll see everybody that night. Everybody wonders if he’s really ready to move on, which is totally fair. They haven’t gone one day without seeing Hannah so far. That night, he tells them he’s ready to put Hannah on the past, but he can’t blame them if they don’t trust him yet. Yeah, dude. But at least he has the self-awareness to realize how awkward and hard this was for the other women on the show.

8:23 — Sydney has a big heart-to-heart with Peter about her childhood, growing up in Alabama and being biracial and dealing with racial profiling and prejudice. We know more about Sydney Hightower, including that she graduated from high school with Hannah Brown, actually. She ends up getting the group date rose, much to Mykenna’s consternation.

8:35 — Back at the mansion, it’s time for what ABC is calling “champagne-gate.” We got some details about it from Chris Harrison, who teases that there are about five things that happen that just become this downward spiral of awkwardness.

8:40 — Here’s what goes down. Apparently, Kelsey brought a special bottle of expensive champagne to share with Peter. She wanted to use it on night one, but she never got the chance. She brings it out in a high hat (that’s the fancy champagne bucket) and sets it down by a fireplace. She goes to find Peter and discovers that Mykenna has stolen him off somewhere. So Kelsey is super pissed and confronts Mykenna about it.

8:44 — While Kelsey is busy confronting Mykenna, Peter and is off having A Moment with Madison. He gives her a framed photo of her with his family and… wow. Not only was that a special date, but that is a special gift. Harrison told us that they could not believe how special that date was — it was the kind of date the show would do on episode 7, not episode 1.

8:47 — And then! While Kelsey is off telling the girls about her champagne, they hear a champagne bottle pop. It’s Peter and Hannah Ann drinking her special bottle of champagne. Now, to be fair to Hannah Ann — Peter is just as culpable in this as she is. Hannah Ann didn’t steal the champagne bottle. They both found it and decided to open it, at least according to The Bachelor preview video posted to Instagram.

8:52 — Kelsey runs off to hide and cry, while Kiarra tells Hannah Ann what that bottle was all about. Then Kelsey comes out and confronts Hannah Ann right in front of Peter. Why isn’t Kelsey also mad at Peter? And why isn’t Hannah Ann more apologetic? She keeps insisting she had no idea and that’s fine, but why isn’t she apologizing because that’s the nice thing to do.

8:54 — And then… OMG. When Chris Harrison said like five awkward things happen, he was not kidding. Kelsey and Peter open a new bottle of champagne and it spouts out of the bottle all over Kelsey’s face. Oh, girl.

8:56 — Kelsey confronts Hannah Ann again, calling her fake, saying that she’s (Kelsey) is real and Hannah Ann is calculated. Hannah Ann finally apologizes and tries to explain about the champagne mix-up. Honestly, I think Hannah Ann’s explanation sounds pretty legit and also? You can’t be mad at Hannah Ann and not mad at Peter.

8:57 — Tammy, who is very often the voice of reason so far in this season, says that she wants no part of this “champagne crisis” and that she hopes Peter has realized what a “hot mess” Kelsey is. It sounds like Tammy knows what’s up.

9:08 — Time for rose ceremony No. 2. The girls who get roses are Sydney (already had), Kelley (already had), Madison (already had), Mykenna, Victoria P, Natasha, Jasmine, Sarah, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Alexa, Tammy, Alayah, Deandra, Victoria F, Shiann, Kiarra, Savannah, and Kelsey. That means going home are Courtney, Lauren, and Payton. Toodle-oo, ladies. We hardly knew ye.

9:16 — It’s group date time for Alexa, Mykenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F, Kelsey, and Hannah Ann. They are walking in a runway show for Revolve and being judged by Carson Kressley, Janice Dickinson, and the chief brand officer of Revolve. Victoria starts freaking out because she doesn’t feel super comfortable with this. She cries in a private interview about how overwhelmed this makes her feel.

9:26 — Fashion show time. Each girl is modeling a daytime look and an evening wear look. For Hannah Ann’s daytime look, she comes out in a wedding dress. Oh lordy. There are fun stunts and then there are weird stunts that make you look desperate. This is the latter. Victoria F, meanwhile, says she’s totally nervous but she kills it. She’s a natural. It doesn’t hurt that she grabs Peter and makes out with him during her evening wear walk.

9:30 — Hannah Ann and Victoria F make the finals, with Hannah Ann winning. Victoria cries about finally feeling noticed before the final walk-off. Awww. Is this girl supposed to be the villain? Because she seems pretty great. But during the final walk-off, Hannah Ann steals the show. It’s not a huge surprise that she wins. Victoria cries about how it’s always Hannah Ann, which is not wrong. Hannah Ann is everywhere. Chris Harrison told us she would be at the center of “a lot of drama” and he was not kidding.

9:40 — During the cocktail party portion of the date, Victoria tells Peter she’s trying so hard not to get defeated, but she says it’s hard being around all these girls who get his attention more easily than she does. They go off to talk “alone,” though cameras and microphones are everywhere so we can hear Peter assuring Victoria that he knows how special she is and that she’s trying her best.

9:45 — Peter brings Kelsey some champagne to make up for last night, so she’s pretty happy after that. She waltzes back over to the other girls and Hannah Ann does a private interview about how “bullied” she feels by Kelsey. OK, wait. Look, I’m on your side, Hannah Ann. I think Kelsey overreacted. But the word “bullying” gets tossed around a lot when what people really mean is that “someone was mean to me.” Let’s not act like every time someone is mean to you that you’re being bullied.

9:50 — Hannah Ann goes to Peter and says that Kelsey called her a b*tch and tore into her (which is not incorrect), but I highly doubt that Hannah Ann was up all night crying about it. Also, again with the word “bullying.” Kids who are bullied for being different sometimes kill themselves. This is not bullying. This was an ugly confrontation where someone was mean to you. Stop being so melodramatic about it — and that goes for Kelsey too. She also talks about how she feels so much better after “all that [she] went through” and it’s been so hard for her. Please. Everyone needs to get a grip.

9:53 — Victoria gets the rose, which is nice. Then Peter asks to speak to Kelsey alone. Dun dun dun.

9:55 — Kelsey defends herself pretty well, saying that they don’t like each other but that this is not bullying. Yes. She is right! “There is a difference between me saying not-nice words to her face and me constantly bullying someone,” says Kelsey. Exactly.

9:59 — Next week: Hannah Ann’s drama is taking over the house. Plus, they make the girls pillow fight! And it gets intense! That’s spectacular. What a great way for them to wail on each other without anyone actually getting hurt. HA!

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