‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Episode 3 Live Spoilers & Recap

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If you thought “champagne-gate” was drama on The Bachelor, wait until Kelsey Weier and Hannah Ann Sluss try to sort things out on this week’s episode. The episode description promises that “Hannah Ann and Kelsey attempt to try and bury the hatchet but only succeed in making matters worse.”

In fact, host Chris Harrison recently told Heavy that Hannah Ann is at the center of “a lot of drama” this season. But that’s not all. Guess who else is at the center of the drama this week? Alayah Benavidez. This under-the-radar bachelorette is about to be all up in everyone’s business. Find out more about here in our profile of Alayah.

There is also a group date where the women compete in a pillow fight tournament, plus a one-on-one date for Victoria Paul where she opens up to Peter Weber about her heartbreaking children.

Follow along here with our live recap. All times Eastern.

8:05 — Hannah Ann and Kelsey are still pretty raw after the “champagne-gate” stuff. Hannah Ann can’t believe she would be accused of being a “champagne stealer,” while Kelsey can’t believe that Hannah Ann would use the word “bully.” Victoria F. is also pretty offended on Kelsey’s behalf that Hannah Ann would run to Peter and bring him into it. For sure. Both women made some very questionable choices during this whole incident.

8:10 — But for now, it’s time for a new girl to get Peter’s attention. Victoria P. gets a one-on-one where they go boot shopping and then line dancing at one of Peter’s favorite bars. That’s a pretty fun date, not gonna lie. Also, Victoria and Peter seem to have some serious chemistry together. New dark horse?

8:15 — Back at the mansion, Kelsey and Hannah Ann try to clear the air. Kelsey insists that “using unkind words” is not “bullying,” and I think she’s right. Kelsey wasn’t nice to Hannah Ann and she apologizes for that, but yes — her behavior does not rise to the level of bullying and using that word dilutes its meaning for when people really are being bullied. People being mean isn’t automatically “bullying.”

8:20 — On the date, Peter and Victoria have a real heart-to-heart over dinner. She tells him about how she had to basically raise herself and her sister because of her dad’s death and her mom’s drug addiction. She also thinks it has affected some of her relationships because she doesn’t feel deserving of love. Oh, Victoria. She starts crying, Peter tears up, everybody’s crying. *sniffle* Obviously, Victoria gets a rose.

8:24 — Back at the mansion, before the date card arrives, Alayah has a bit to drink and starts talking about how she puts on a good, proper front because she’s a pageant queen, but she’s got a wild side too. Sydney says privately that she doesn’t think Alayah is here for the right reasons and is super fake, so it’ll be fun when they’re on a group date together. The group date is for Kiarra, Sarah, Tammy, Kelley, Shiann, Savannah, Sydney, and Alayah.

8:32 — Bachelor in Paradise alum Demi Burnett wakes up everybody up the next day with a bullhorn and promptly hustles the group date women out of the house after giving them sexy sleepwear. All except for Savannah, who gets an old lady house dress. LOL. The date is a pillow fight tournament in a wild west-themed bar. OK, part of me is totally offended — like, why don’t you just make them mud wrestle in bikinis? — but another part of me is like, “YASSSSS. Best. Date. EVER.”

8:33 — Also, Chris Harrison and Fred Willard are there to do the play-by-play, which is excellent. Fred Willard is great, even if he looks very confused about why he’s there.

8:38 — The first match is Tammy vs. Kelley and Tammy makes absolute mincemeat of Kelley, but she gets DQ’d. Booooo. Then Shiann takes out Savannah, Alayah takes out Sydney, and finally, Kiarra might actually have knocked Sarah out. Not really, but whoa. Kiarra annihilated Sarah. They skip over any semifinals, which is too bad, and instead, Demi makes Sydney and Alayah face off again. This time they are going no holds barred and Alayah is declared the winner, much to Sydney’s immense irritation. Alayah gets an actual crown when she wins, which adds insult to injury. Sydney actually says, “People like Alayah just win in this world.”

8:48 — At the nighttime mingling, Alayah takes some alone time with Peter and shows Peter the scratches she sustained during the pillow fight. Peter says the fighter in her really impressed him. Meanwhile, Sydney keeps saying in an interview that Alayah is fake and treats this like a game. So she decides to confront her and asks Alayah if she works, which… that’s kind of a weird thing to ask someone. Half the girls on this show appear to be Instagram influencers. But Sydney keeps asking her about being so prim and proper and polished from her pageant time, finally telling Alayah that she sounds so rehearsed all the time and not like a real person. Alayah bristles a bit at that, but she doesn’t turn it into a thing.

8:53 — Kelley gets some solo time and it’s like, “Oh yeah, Kelley! We forgot all about her!” She’s one of those girls who gets a lot of screentime right at the beginning and then disappears. See also: Madison. Is she still here?

8:55 — When Sydney gets some face time with Peter, she decides to trash-talk Alayah by way of saying, “I’m so different from all these girls,” and Peter asks why she’s different and that opens the door for her to tell him that Alayah isn’t genuine and is very two-faced. Ugh, look — obviously, the drama is great. But tattling to Peter is such a chump move.

8:57 — BUT THEN! Peter majorly escalates things by calling Sydney’s comments out in front of the group, so Sydney says it’s Alayah who “puts on things” a little bit “for the imagery of things.” Yeah, it’s a lot harder to confront someone to their face than to just trash-talk someone to Peter.

9:00 — However, Sydney seems to get what she wants because even after Alayah cries to Peter about how genuine she is, Peter still gives Sydney the group date rose. He says it’s because she was being honest with him, but like — what evidence is there of that? For all you know, Sydney is lying because she doesn’t like Alayah. I mean, I’m not taking sides here, but what makes Peter think Sydney’s the true one and Alayah’s not? Hmm.

9:10 — The next day, instead of having a fun pool party, Peter wants to talk to people privately about what’s going on with all the girls. Peter talks to Sydney, Kelsey, and Lexi, who all say basically the same thing, “Well, Alayah knows how to turn it on for the cameras, but you need to make your own decision.” Meanwhile, Alayah hangs out with Mykenna and Hannah Ann and talks about how much she loves pageants and how she would never go talk to Peter about one of the other girls. I’m very torn here.

9:14 — On the one hand, it seems like everyone thinks Alayah is pretty fake. On the other hand, I agree that Sydney had no business running to Peter to tattle. Alayah confronts Sydney about this and Alayah correctly points out that this hurt her relationship with Peter, as Sydney disingenuously says that she didn’t hurt anybody because she was just telling the truth. Alayah counts that someone’s “opinion is not fact.” Yes. Ughhhh, you both suck.

9:20 — Hey, it’s Madison! Peter sits down with her and does anyone else feel like it’s been two months since we’ve seen her? How is this only episode three? They canoodle and smooch… until Alayah comes to find Peter again.

9:25 — Alayah insists to Peter that she’s genuine because she has cried in front of him and she’s a horrible liar, so she would never be able to fake any of this. She promises him that he’s getting the real her.

9:28 — But then! Peter asks Victoria P about Alayah because apparently, they were at the Miss USA pageant at the same time. Victoria admits she has only spent like a total of three hours with Alayah, but she does tell Peter that Alayah asked her not to tell producers that they knew each other from the pageant. She also says that Alayah is really excited about all the opportunities that will come her way because of The Bachelor even if she doesn’t end up with Peter. Um, OK, wait. Like Alayah is the only person who has thought about that? Only one girl wins the show, so it’s only natural to think about what other doors might open for you if you don’t win.

9:35 — So Peter goes to confront Alayah about what Victoria just told him. Alayah says she was worried that if the producers knew they knew each other, they would disqualify both of them. So she asked Victoria not to tell. Hmm. Peter says that doesn’t feel genuine and he walks away, as Alayah dissolves into tears.

9:50 — Rose ceremony time. A lot of the girls whose time got cut short because of all this Alayah drama are nervous they didn’t get time to remind Peter why he should keep them this week. The roses go to Kelsey, Hannah Ann, Natasha, Lexi, Madison, Shiann, Victoria P, Victoria F, Kelley, Sydney, Kiarra, Tammy, Savannah, Deandra… and then with two roses left, Peter walks out of the room. He needs to talk to Chris Harrison.

9:52 — In the hallway, Peter says he wants to give Alayah a rose so badly, but he’s worried that he’ll regret it. Meanwhile, Mykenna has started crying because she’s so worried about going home.

9:54 — Back at the ceremony, Peter apologizes and then Chris Harrison takes one of the roses away. The final rose goes to Mykenna, which means Alayah, Sarah, Alexa, and Jasmine are going home. Alayah starts crying, but she takes it fairly graciously.

9:58 — However, after she leaves, Peter cries to a producer about how he thinks he should have kept Alayah and he regrets giving in to what everyone else was saying instead of following his heart.

Who will make it to the finale? Viewers will just have to keep watching, but Harrison has teased for us that “it is a shocking, riveting, gut-wrenching ending.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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