Bear Brown & Ex-Girlfriend Raiven Are Expecting a Baby

Instagram Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

Bear Brown and his ex-girlfriend Raiven Adams are expecting a baby. The former couple announced the pregnancy in September 2019, and assured Alaskan Bush People fans that they would co-parent the baby regardless of their relationship status.

Bear Brown and Raiven have had a whirlwind romance. Soap Dirt reported that they got engaged shortly after meeting, but decided to call off their engagement after two weeks. A day after cancelling the engagement, Raiven discovered that she was pregnant with Bear’s child. She talked about the unexpected turn-of-events in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Bear Brown & Raiven Adams Are Expecting a Baby In April 2020

“Quickly after deciding friendship was best for us! We found out we had a little surprise coming our way. After a quick engagement because we felt that was the right thing to do,” Raiven explained. “We talked about things, and ultimately decided being co parents was best for us as well as our baby. We are super excited, and surprised to announce this especially due to current events. We are excited to co-parent as friends, and do our best to be the best we can be. We can’t wait to find out the gender! being in the earlier stages means a lot of sick and sleepless nights. That’s okay because you are for sure worth it!”

Bear was similarly ecstatic, and he told People Magazine that Raiven would be a great mother regardless of whether they were together. “Raiven and I are excited to share we’re expecting a baby this spring!” he told the outlet. “Even though we’re no longer together, we’re still friends and dedicated to raising a healthy and happy child. Raiven will be an amazing mom and I will work my hardest to be the best dad I can be! Family is everything to me, and we appreciate everyone’s support as we figure out our new normal.”

Bear & Raiven Have Agreed to Co-Parent After Calling Off Their Engagement In 2019

Bear and Raiven’s relationship may have already played out in real-time, but fans will get a chance to watch it for themselves on the current season of Alaskan Bush People. Raiven will be making her debut on an episode titled “Bear Meets Girl,” which details how she and Bear met, and what eventually led to their engagement. In the synopsis for the episode, Raiven is described as a “special visitor” from a nearby farm.

Fans already know how things turned out, but now they will get to see the details behind their split. Soap Dirt stated that Bear introduced Raiven to the rest of his family during the episode, and then proceeded to shock them by proposing marriage. Bear pulled a ring out of his pocket and tried to slip it on Raiven’s finger, but she stopped him and asked why he’s holding a ring. The background music turned ominous during this segment, confirming what the fans already knows– the relationship is doomed.

Despite their failed romance, Bear and Raiven are excited to work together as parents. Their baby is due April 2020, and Raiven confirmed that the baby will appear on future seasons of Alaskan Bush People alongside his father.

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