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Brett Caprioni

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Brett Caprioni is SUR’s newest male server, and fans can’t wait to learn more about the New Jersey native.

Brett made his way to LA after a bad breakup, and now, he’s caught the attention of some of the Vanderpump Rules cast. How will things pan out this season on the show? What should you know about Brett?

Read on to learn more about Brett Caprioni.

1. He Used to Be Lisa Vanderpump’s Personal Trainer

According to Bravo, Brett used to be Lisa Vanderpump’s personal trainer.

He admits, during an interview with ET Online, that it was difficult being Lisa’s trainer because “she calls the shots.”

Brett moved to LA from New Jersey and applied to work at SUR simply because he was in need of a job. Cast member Jax tells Life & Style Magazine, “He’s a YouTuber, but needed part-time money so he wanted to bartend, so I’m kind of teaching him a little about that.”

2. He Dated Youtuber Carli Bybel

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Prior to appearing on Vanderpump Rules, Brett was in a relationship with Youtuber Carli Bybel. They dated for four years, from 2013 to 2017.

In May 2018, Brett posted a video to his Youtube channel called “Starting Over”, in which he discusses his breakup and move to the West Coast. In the video, Brett says, “The transition has been a little harder than I anticipated as far as the things that have to go on in my life for me to keep going and get better,” he said. “Happiness is important in anything you do in life, people around you, what you do. You need to be happy.”

Carli has a whopping 5 million followers on her Instagram and 6.19 million subscribers on Youtube. 

3. He Made out With Scheana

Scheana took an instant liking to Brett, and they even made out, according to ET Online.

During the Season 8 premiere of the Bravo series, Caprioni called Scheana a bad kisser. She then took to Instagram to fire back at her coworker, according to US Weekly. Scheana wrote on Instagram, “He’s a f–king liar! hahaha first he didn’t remember it and then he remembers it was ‘bad’?”

While opening up about Scheana, Brett later shared with the Inquisitr, “I just felt like [Scheana] was bringing me in there to f**k with [Max’s] head for some reason, and I never intended that… So, right off the bat it’s like, you know, that sh*t happens.”

In the same interview, Brett joked of this season of Vanderpump Rules, “Just get ready for some real s**t. Life, living in L.A., being single, getting into trouble with things and being scandalous, you know?”

4. He Has 500,000 Subscribers on YouTube

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While this is Brett’s first stint on reality TV, it is by no means his first time in the public eye.

Brett has over 500,000 subscribers on Youtube, and more than 200k followers on Instagram.

5. He Is Joined This Season by Newbies Max Boyens & Dayna Kathan

Brett isn’t the only newbie this season. Max Boyens and Dayna Kathan will also be appearing as series regulars the first time.

Kathan is an aspiring comedian and seems well-liked by her castmates.

Recently, Stassi spoke to Access Hollywood about Kathan, and said, “I really like Dayna… She is [a comedian]. She’s just, like, very real and raw. And she has this cynical, dark sense of humor and way of looking at things that I think is really amusing. So, I think she’s really entertaining to have fun with and hang out with.”

Boyens, meanwhile, is the general manager of TomToms. Rumor has it that Max and Dayna get together this season, but the rumor mill “drudges up secrets from his past.”

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