Brittany & the Richardson Family on ‘Supernanny’ Season 8 Episode 3

Supernanny rescues richardson family


Season 8 Episode 3 of Supernanny airs tonight, January 15, 2020. The episode follows Supernanny Jo Frost as she visits the Richardson family in Bogalusa, Louisiana. The Richardsons, who are a blended family, reached out to the show after experiencing behavioral issues with their six children after a recent family tragedy.

The Richardsons are Brittany, Ralph and with their six children: Braylon, 10, who likes to fight and sometimes talk back to his parents; Aubree, 8, who sometimes gets upset and unresponsive to what her parents tell her to do; Jaci, 6, who’s described as sneaky; Adelyn, 4; River, 2, who may still be experiencing some of the “terrible twos”; and Luke, the baby of the family who is 3 months old at the time of filming.

The children’s behavior has escalated in the past few months according to a clip from the episode; Archie, the father of the four older children, passed away a few months before the family reached out for help.

Ralph and Brittany Have Been Married For Two Years

Prior to being married to Ralph, Brittany was married to her first husband, Archie, with whom she shared the four oldest children. They were married for ten years before separating. Ralph and Brittany met at church; he says it was love at first sight. Originally, Ralph and Archie did not get along very well, but that changed shortly before Archie passed away.

“We were supposed to take Braylon, for his birthday, paintballing,” Ralph said. “We were gonna do it together, father and step-father taking him out, and he ended up getting killed in a car wreck.”

They were looking for help with the issues with lying, bullying, and disrespect from their children. They wanted help getting back on the right track with their children since the behavior was getting out of control.

Ralph Rules With an “Iron Fist”

In a teaser for the episode, Braylon says he doesn’t like Ralph because of the way he’s treated. Jo asks him what happens when he fibs, prompting Braylon to say “Ralph would just come in here and whip me.” The 10-year-old boy says he’s sometimes whipped on the legs with a paddle or ‘paint stick.’ He also said that Ralph ignores him most of the time.

Jo sees an issue with this right away, talking about how there should be less harshness in the home and points out that the children are grieving and need love and nurture, not the “iron fist” that Ralph has been trying to rule with.

“You have to recognize as a parent, emotionally how a child can feel when they’re grieving can show up in behavior. Ralph chooses to rule with an iron fist, these children need care, love, attention, care, nurture, nurture, nurture.” Jo says to the camera after the conversation with Braylon.

Brittany recently created a Twitter account; she posts images of the children and has been promoting the episode her family will be featured in. She took the time to reply to Jo’s tweet about the episode, saying “Cannot wait to watch! You’re such an amazing help and are so wonderful!!!! We miss you!” Jo responded with “You guys were amazing!!” along with some heart-eyes emojis.

Tune in to see if Jo can help the family turn it all around. Supernanny airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

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