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At the beginning of the third season of MTV’s reality show Siesta Key, Cara Geswelli and Garrett Miller are still together. While they seemed like they were in a good place at the end of season two, their relationship seemed pretty rocky in the first episode of the third season. So, what happened between then and now?

Based solely on social media and an Instagram post on the Siesta Key page, the two broke up in October, got back together, and may have split again since then. While the two have not said anything publicly on their personal pages, they also have not provided evidence to make it seem like they were still together. A few weeks back, Cara posted a photo of her and another unknown guy with the caption “Oh baby” with some hearts. Fans took to the comments to ask who the new guy was and inquire about Garrett, but there was no response from Cara.

Garrett’s Instagram is void of images with women other than his mom in the recent months, but fans have noted that Kelsey, another Siesta Key cast member, and Garrett’s ex, has been present in his Instagram stories, noting that the two may be spending more time together.

Here’s what we know about their relationship:

The Two Split in 2019 But Got Back Together

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In an Instagram post, it was seen that Cara and Garrett were having issues. He reportedly told her to “pack her sh-t and leave” after she confided that she wanted to split her time between Siesta Key and New Jersey, where her family lives. Garrett seemed apologetic about the fight, but they were not still together at that point. Cara said she did not want to be with him at that point.

“I still care about her but obviously she’s moved on,” Garrett said when asked if he wanted to be with Cara. “I love the girl, like, it sucks. […] It still sucks, like, sitting next to her, it’s hard.”

They were together in six months but broke up in October. Cara also said they told each other “I love you” a couple months into the relationship.

The two did some Q&As on their Instagram stories after that date, so it’s not clear whether or not they were actually still together at that time.

Season 3 Kicked Off With a Fight

Siesta Key’s season 3 kicked off with a drama-filled episode. The main storyline for episode one was Cara and Garrett’s. Prior to their getting together in season 2, Cara and Garrett were both dating other people, but that’s not what has been affecting their dynamics on the show.

In the episode, Cara gets upset with Garrett for not noticing her nose job. Garrett says he does appreciate her and compliments her, but later on, more drama unfolds. Garrett’s at the beach with his ex, Kelsey, who he still has obvious chemistry with. Garrett leaves to go back to Cara since he respects her feelings, but Kelsey finds it weird and feels that Garrett is letting Cara “control him.” Cara then confronts Kelsey and Garrett both about their feelings for one another.

Last week on the show, Juliette Porter, another Siesta Key cast member alleged that Cara cheated on Garrett with fellow MTV star Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio. That should be taken with a grain of salt, though, since it seems that Juliette is not a fan of Cara in general; when she live-tweets the episodes, she often comments about Cara’s insecurities and says she misses Garrett being with Kelsey.

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