Chase Rice’s Songs ‘Messy’ & ‘Everywhere’ are NOT About Victoria Fuller

Chase Rice

Getty Chase Rice makes a cameo appearance during tonight's episode of "The Bachelor."

Chase Rice, popular country singer and Bachelor contestant Victoria Fuller’s ex-boyfriend, recently opened up about a bad breakup he experienced in the past, which inspired some of his latest music. The 34-year-old singer released his newest album, The Album Part I, last Friday, and told ET Online that the tracks “Everywhere” and “Messy” were about an ex-girlfriend.

Rice will be making a cameo appearance during tonight’s episode of the show, and since the network will be focusing strongly on Fuller’s storyline and relationship with Rice, fans might be wondering if those songs were about the Bachelor contestant. Here’s what you need to know:

Rice Said That He & His Ex Just Weren’t Together at the ‘Right Time’

Chase Rice – Messy (Official Audio)Been teasing this one for a while, here it is! Subscribe to Chase's channel: Check out when Chase is coming to your town at Follow Chase: LYRICS: IT’S THE SHEETS WRINKLED UP AT THE FOOT OF THE BED IT’S YOUR HAIR IN A NOT ON THE…2020-01-24T05:00:08.000Z

Rice discussed his new album with ET Online, and said “It’s the most honest music I’ve ever put out,” while explaining the inspiration behind a few of the tracks.

“It’s one of those breakups that was like neither one of us deserved it,” Rice shared with ET Online. “We’re both good people. She’s great. It just wasn’t the right time…I played it [‘Everywhere’] for her actually. She was uncomfortable. She laughed… She never thought she’d have a song written about her and if she did, she didn’t want it to be that.”

“The same thing with [the track] ‘Messy,’” he continued. “That same girl. Sometimes we’re an absolute disaster in a fun way, but we loved each other anyways.”

The country music singer also discussed how difficult it was for him to write the songs without shedding negative light on his ex. He told ET, “I don’t like talking about it like most men don’t, but the coolest part of my job is I don’t have to talk about it, I can write about it. The writing is easy, the singing is easy, but writing it in a way that doesn’t throw her under the bus because she doesn’t have a way to defend herself.” He added, “That’s the hardest part for me getting personal, but not completely screwing the other person over at the same time and I don’t think I’ve done that.”

Rice Confirmed That He Was NOT Talking About Fuller in Either Song

Although Rice never mentioned the name of his ex, there was some speculation that he was talking about Fuller during the ET interview and in both songs. Rice and Fuller dated sometime shortly before she appeared on the show, and the network will be focusing strongly on their relationship during tonight’s episode, so fans were wondering if Rice was still in love with Fuller.

However, Rice confirmed during a SiriusXM interview that he was definitely not talking about Fuller, and that the songs he wrote were for a different, more serious ex-girlfriend. He says in the clip that he’s known Fuller for a while, and that she’s a “cool girl” and he has “no problems with her,” but she was not the ex he sang about on his new album.

“It was a relationship I had for a couple of years and when I say her I’m not talking about the girl on The Bachelor. I’m talking about my actual ex-girlfriend,” Rice says after the interviewer asked if his music was inspired by his relationship with Fuller. You can check out the full interview above.

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