Why Was Danica Dow Suspended On ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Lisa Vanderpump suspends Danica Dow from SUR

Getty Lisa Vanderpump suspends Danica Dow from SUR

Danica Dow is a new castmember on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and the youngest assistant manager at SUR, but being new hasn’t stopped her from stirring up some serious drama.

Danica has revealed details from fellow cast member Max Boyen’s past that have disrupted his relationship with Dayna Kathan, and she has been responsible for pitting both of SUR’s managers against each other. But her most dramatic moment has resulted in a week-long suspension from the restaurant.

In Season Eight of the show, Danica sits down with Lisa and confesses that she shoved her ex-boyfriend, SUR bartender Brett Willis, after he suggested having a threesome.

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Why did she push her ex-boyfriend?

Danica sat down in a confessional and gave details of the situation that prompted her suspension. She revealed that she perceived her ex-boyfriend to have been disrespectful towards her by proposing they have a threesome with another woman, so she shoved him. In her words during the confessional, she said, “My ex-boyfriend, Brett Willis, was being completely disrespectful, so I pushed him.”

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After completing her suspension, Danica is seen introducing herself to newcomers Charli Burnett and Dayna Kathan and nonchalantly mentioning that she was recently suspended. Then at a lunch with other SURvers, Danica again discusses her suspension and one of her co-workers says in a confession about the shoving incident, “So basically, she’s the typical SUR girl.”

How did Lisa respond?

As seen in the preview for Episode Three of Season Eight, Lisa is not a fan of Danica’s physical response to Brett’s proposition of having a threesome. Lisa appears to be in disbelief when she hears Danica describe her actions. Though Danica tried to explain that she was caught off guard after her ex-boyfriend surprised her with the suggestion of having a threesome, her boss was not sympathetic. Lisa’s response to Danica’s revelation of becoming physical against Brett was, “You put your hands on him… I’m going to have to suspend you.”

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After being informed that she would be suspended for a week as punishment for using physical force on Brett, Danica begged Lisa not to follow through with the suspension because she claimed that it would ruin her life. But Lisa remained firm in her position and made it clear that physical abuse of any kind is unacceptable at SUR.

More details on Danica’s suspension are expected to be revealed in the upcoming episode of Vanderpump Rules. The implications of her suspension are yet to be fully known, but what is certain is that there is plenty of drama to come!