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Dippin’ Dots’ owner and CEO Scott Fischer went undercover for this week’s episode of Undercover Boss. The episode will air at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

“I want to go undercover because I plan to continue to grow the company around the world,” Fischer says in a teaser for the episode. “It’s important for me that employees are ready for that growth and prepared for it.”

Disguised as a long-haired bearded man, Fischer visited a manufacturing plant for the ice cream and a Dippin’ Dots stand. He assumed the identity of “Brad,” an unemployed welder looking to start a new career. He had to wake up at 3 a.m. to work with the makeup artist to get into character before starting work for the day.

The episode description says he “tries not to freeze up” when an employee at the plant might know his true identity.

Dippin’ Dots is a flash-frozen beaded ice cream. It’s sold at thousands of locations around the world and also ships to customers’ homes. The ice cream was invented in 1988 by a microbiologist named Curt Jones, using cryogenic technology.

Fischer’s Family Acquired the Company in 2012

Undercover Boss – Dippin' Dots (Sneak Peek 1)Scott Fischer, owner and CEO of Dippin' Dots, dips undercover to see where the stress points are at his company and tries not to freeze up when an employee at their ice cream manufacturing plant raises suspicions about his true identity, Wednesday at 8/7c. Only CBS Subscribe to the "Undercover Boss" Channel HERE: bit.ly/1hsHxZM Watch…2020-01-21T17:32:24.000Z

Scott Fischer acquired the company through his family-owned firm in 2012. Since then, acting as owner and CEO, Fischer has worked to expand the types of places where Dippin’ Dots can be purchased; it is now available in branded freezers in the checkout lanes of convenience stores, grocery stores and pharmacies.

Fischer remembers Dippin’ Dots from when he was a child, saying in a separate episode teaser that his mother would never let him have them because they were too expensive.

Going undercover was a new experience for the CEO; he wanted to get unbiased feedback from his employees and franchisees, and he thought going undercover might be the best way to get that feedback.

He told Cheddar Business that getting true feedback was important to him, and it was a cool experience and very encouraging to see the love people have for the brand.

He spoke about seeing the growth pains within the company, citing the fact that they have recently begun diversifying to offer the cryogenic technology to plant-based meat companies. That segment of their business has continued to grow more quickly than the ice cream segment has, but it has caused issues because of the sheer amount of growth and new infrastructure that was required to support it.

The Episode Filmed Last Summer

The Dippin’ Dots episode filmed in summer 2019, according to a WLKY article. Fischer visited Kentucky Kingdom, a theme park in Louisville where he was trained and supervised by Bailey Richardson, a 20-year-old Louisville resident. Richardson attends Morehead State University and has worked at the park for three summers.

She told WLKY that being on the show was “the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Fischer, likewise, says that meeting his employees undercover has changed his life.

Fischer said they don’t plan on making the company public. He plans to continue using the intergenerational brand equity to keep the clients the company has already and use the expansion into other markets to diversify the business further.

Tune in to Undercover Boss on Wednesday, January 22 at 8 p.m. to see what Fischer finds out when he goes undercover.

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