FlexScreen on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

FlexScreen on Shark Tank

ABC The FlexScreen, as seen on 'Shark Tank'.

On Sunday night, Joe Altieri presented his product, FlexScreen, to the sharks on an all-new episode of Shark Tank in the hopes of scoring an investment from the illustrious panel of judges.

Altieri shared with WTAE that he is looking forward to his product’s appearance on the ABC reality show, despite the fact that the experience was overwhelming. “We’re really, really hyped,” Alteri told the outlet. “It was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Very, very, very nerve-wracking.”

Read on to find out what we know about the flexible window screen that’s making waves in the window and door industry.

1. Joe Altieri Created FlexScreen in 2013

A mother-daughter duo from Atlanta, Georgia, introduces the Sharks to their baby product that makes baby-travel less stressful by helping them sleep more restful. An entrepreneur from Mount Pleasant, Utah, introduces his cold-weather clothing line that keeps you warm, even when wet. While entrepreneurs from Happy Valley, Oregon, hope their portable transportation device will become the next multimillion-dollar hit. Finally, an entrepreneur from South Murrysville, Pennsylvania, pitches his genius innovation in window screens on “Shark Tank.”

Altieri began creating FlexScreen in 2013.

He spent two years working on the prototype before landing on the final version of the product. Before creating the FlexScreen, Altieri spent 15 years working in the window and door industry. His research on patents on window screens revealed that the current patent dates back to 1907. As Altieri tells Trib Live, “… you have 100-year-old technology on modern windows.”

The father of four admits that it took a leap of faith before going full in on FlexScreen. He shared with WTAE, “I had to have the conversation with my wife to say, ‘You know this thing I made in my garage? We’re going to bet everything on it.'”

Altieri said that it did take his wife a while to come around. “When we ordered our first semi-trailer, we drove over to the plant, and when we pulled in and she saw that trailer with ‘FlexScreen’ written on the side, she started crying,” he explained.

2. FlexsSreen Is a Flexible Window Screen

The Announcement….We have a BIG announcement to share with you today…2019-12-16T18:31:09.000Z

What exactly is a FlexScreen? According to the company’s website, it is the world’s first and only flexible window screen. It is made from “phosphate enhanced spring steel coated with an exterior grade, high performance PVC which provides outstanding scratch and weather resistance.”

FlexScreens come in five options of mesh: standard (that keeps bugs out and lets fresh air in), Flexview (adds an ‘unimpeded’ view of the outdoors’), Flexview Clean (adds a water-repellant coat to keep the screen clean), Flexview Tuff (ideal for pets as it is tear-resistant) and Fleview Solar (which blocks 60% UV radiation to keep rooms cool.)

It’s worth noting that FlexScreen is a custom product, so it requires measuring your own home window before purchasing. The minimum size offered is 8″, while the maximum size is 76″. While one out of every traditional window screen gets damaged during shipping, Altieri tells Trib Live that with FlexScreen, it’s closer to one out of every 2,000.

3. FlexScreen Has More Than 60 Clients and 4 Manufacturing Facilities in the US

DWM Thank You from Joe Altieri—— Everyone knows that window screens are a problem. Our customers… your customers… homeowners… were all begging for a solution… WE HEARD YOU. When we cleared out a workspace in the garage, our aim wasn’t to invent a screen that was extremely easy to install and remove.We weren’t trying to create a screen that you…2019-02-05T21:05:12.000Z

Even before its appearance on Shark Tank, FlexScreen was doing well. The company had more than 60 clients and 4 manufacturing facilities in the US. A fifth is in the process of being created in Canada.

As of last February, Altieri was working closely with national retailers like Lowe’s and Menard’s on sales agreements. “We’re kind of spoiled,” he tells Trib Live. “We have this unique product that no one else is doing.”

Speaking to WTAE, Altieri explained that he hopes his appearance on Shark Tank will do wonders for the company– deal or no deal.

“There’s this ‘Shark Tank’ effect that changes your company forever. The company from 2019 to 2020 is going to be different, just because of ‘Shark Tank.'”

4. All Screens Are Offered at the Base Price of $69.95

FlexScreen as seen on ‘Shark Tank’.

FlexScreens are offered at the base price of $69.95 for the standard mesh option. If you upgrade to other mesh options, the price of the product goes up.

The company also conveniently offers Afterpay which means you can buy now, and make four interest-free payments later.

For reference, the FlexView Mesh comes in at $84.95, FlexView Clean Mesh at $89.95, FlexView Tuff Mesh at $89.95, and Solar Mesh at $94.95.

According to Altieri’s LinkedIn, he has been working as the President of FlexScreen for six years. Prior to that, he worked as a Manufacturer’s Representative at Velocity Marketing for 14 years. The entrepreneur earned his degree in Business Management and Marketing from Penn State University in 1997.

5. The Product Has Already Won Multiple Awards

FlexScreen – World's First Flexible Window Screen—— Everyone knows that window screens are a problem. Our customers… your customers… homeowners… were all begging for a solution… WE HEARD YOU. When we cleared out a workspace in the garage, our aim wasn’t to invent a screen that was extremely easy to install and remove.We weren’t trying to create a screen that you…2018-10-10T12:10:30.000Z

According to All Shark Tank Products, FlexScreen has already won multiple awards, from Door Magazine’s “Crystal Achievement Award” for the Most Innovative Window Product of 2015, to Door and Window Market Magazine’s “Reader’s Choice Award,” Favorite Window Product for 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Altieri explained to Trib Live that it took dogged determination to accomplish his goal when it comes to FlexScreen. “You have to be tenacious,” he said. “If an entire industry is doing something one way, why change? We had to give them a good reason.”

Be sure to tune in to an all-new episode of Shark Tank on ABC at 9pm ET/PT.

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